Dutch Blues

Next on my list, after acres of tulips, was Delft.

The home of blue & white, the home of Vermeer, stuffed with streets and streets of beautiful old buildings, winding canals and white railed bridges.

Delft Holland-1

Delft Holland-2

The Mr and I strolled, hand in hand through the cobbled streets.

Delft Holland-3

Delft Holland-4

Delft Holland-5

Delft Holland-6

Delft Holland-7

Delft Holland-8

As ever, we gravitated towards food!

And stumbled into a wheely good looking shop…

Delft Holland-9

Delft Holland-10

Delft Holland-11

Tasted everything on offer.


Delft Holland-12

The truffle one was exceptional… if only it came in this size!

Delft Holland-13

Delft Holland-14

Delft became famous in the seventeenth century when its glazed blue & white china was shipped around the world, largely thanks to the Dutch East India Company.

Huge worldwide demand meant the pretty pottery spread like wildfire.

Closer to home they lined the walls of Dutch houses to protect from flooding. And now? Well they’re collected, highly prized and protected in situ.

Oh, and they’re deeply loved by yours truly!

Delft Holland-15

Delft Holland-17

Delft Holland-18

Delft Holland-19

Delft Holland-20

The Town Hall is a work of art in itself!

Delft Holland-21

Delft Holland-22

Delft Holland-23

Delft Holland-24

There are two churches, and they’re as beautiful as each other.

Delft Holland-25

Delft Holland-26

Delft Holland-28

Delft Holland-29

Delft Holland-30

Delft Holland-31

Delft Holland-32

^ Even the churches have blue & white going on!

Delft Holland-33

Delft Holland-34

Delft Holland-35

Delft Holland-36

Delft Holland-37

Delft Holland-38

Naturally, we feasted on Kip Satay for lunch!

Before gorging ourselves on more of Delft’s blues.

Delft Holland-39

Delft Holland-40

Delft Holland-41

Delft Holland-42

Delft Holland-43


Blush Coat (sold out) // Cornflower Dress

Camomile Bag // Cotton Candy Pumps

After a day of exploring, we nestled down in a coffee shop to rest our feet.

Delft Holland-45

The Mr took a few more of his favourite window snaps, while I slurped away!

Delft Holland-46

Delft Holland-47

It was pretty wonderful to explore one of the smaller, but so historically significant towns.

I suppose we could have just gone over to Amsterdam, but I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing more of The Netherlands!

What really blew me away was how utterly delightful the people were. I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere (with the exception of Bali) where everyone is so welcoming, friendly and ready with a smile.

If you’re planning a trip, I thoroughly recommend straying from Amsterdam and seeing what the rest of the country has to offer.

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  • Ok I have a severe case of wanderlust after reading this post! Not to mention some shopping lust too, because that pink coat is EVERYTHING!!


  • missgetaway

    Wow those pictures are gorgeous! You just made me want to go to the Netherlands so bad!

    Love from Austria,



  • Tal

    Your outfit colours match my blog theme!!! Favourite colours, they look awesome on you.

    How To Grow Your Hair Overnight

  • Nice coat! Colour is soo beautiful!


  • Nathalie VR

    Next time you visit the Netherlands make sure to go to Utrecht! Most beautiful Dutch city. You would fall in love with it!

  • Ive been to Amsterdam three times but I would definitely explore more of Holland the next time I visit, it really is a beautiful place!

  • Ceri

    Such a pretty town, and that cheese – wow! 🙂

    October Eleven

  • Jeannie C

    Such a picturesque scene! And cheese wheels are actually a thing!


  • amazing photographs, I miss the Netherlands so much ! x

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  • Gabriella Granata

    OMG that cheese shop! Those blue and white tiles and crockery! Experiencing some serious holiday envy over here!

    I keep checking your blog every morning as I’m getting ready for adventure inspo as you’re spurring me on towards my own adventures in a couple of weeks time! Not to mention the wardrobe inspiration.

    Thanks as always for sharing xx


  • catherine ♡

    Gorgeous photos as always! Loving your outfit too – the perfect mix of pastels! x


  • Love seeing you in your specs! And thanks for the tour of a city I might have never otherwise seen!


  • Charlotte

    I stayed in Delft for a week and fell in love!! It is charming and has all the history of a bigger city but is just a bit quieter. Seeing your pictures made me want to go back immediately!!!

  • Steph x

    Hi Rosie,

    you have made me want to go to The Netherlands so so bad now, i have always wanted to go but now its on the short term holiday plans list. would you recommend a week or is this more a weekend break? xx

  • Holland is absolutely stunning, people often question why I love Amsterdam so much & this post just says it all (despite it not actually being the Dam itself!) Your outfit is super cute for a spot of wandering too. The coat is to die for!
    Bee xxx

  • That cheese shop is heaven! I went there earlier this year and the only thing I still remember is feasting on cheese for weeks on end!
    I have a recommendation if you ever visit the Netherlands again: Maastricht. Equally as beautiful, but bigger. It has so much more to offer.

  • Everyone has always told me how wonderful the people are. Your outfit is lovely.

  • Kate

    What a beautiful trip! Looks like so much fun!



    Come see how I make homemade bread in 5 minutes!

  • I love that coat! I feel like you’re doing something so fun and in a new place everyday haha. xx


  • Peppermint Dolly

    Some lovely pics here Rosie!



  • Laura Torninoja

    Ah, this place looks amazing – I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam but you’ve really made me want to explore other places in Holland as well!

    Laura / http://www.middleof-adventure.blogspot.co.uk

  • So much stunning architecture! And so much stunning CHEESE! Looks like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love the blue and white tiles, what gorgeous antique finishes that would be a standout piece in any room! The photos of you through the window are gorgeous too 🙂

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Emma and Emily

    What a gorgeous looking country!

    Emily x

  • I’m not sure if it’s Delftware but I always love the blue and white plates and crockery you use in your foodie posts – the blue and white is just so classic and elegant. That dress is too cute – I’d be swirling and twirling my way down the streets too! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  • I just love the white and blue china! I love your dress too! 🙂


  • mariel

    Delft looks amazing, the architecture and the history is lovely and your photos have really captured the city well..it’s now on my ‘bucket list’ 😀


  • Julia

    Oh wow I would love to visit after reading this post, it looks simply adorable 😀 I LOVE those shades of blue and white, and I generally just can’t get enough of the Netherlands. Such a happy and friendly place 🙂



  • Lovely pics! Love those blue and white tiles!

  • What a charming place! It looks lovely. Sometimes the lesser touristy places are so much nicer 🙂

    Gemma x
    http://www.thebritishfeather.com (A UK Lifestyle Blog)

  • Beautiful! You always look so classical and stylish!


  • I wished I looked nearly half as glamorous as you walking around Europe! What shoes are those? Are they comfortable? That is my biggest problem. Finding footwear that is fashionable and easy to wear for long walks.
    Christine @ lifeinprogress15.com

  • Oh my gosh, these photos are seriously incredible! I’ve got huge travel envy right now, the Netherlands is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited and I really want to go back!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • I also love exploring smaller cities away from all the hustle and bustle. All these pictures are so gorgeous, it’s evident you and the guy really enjoyed yourselves. 🙂

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • This town looks like a smaller version of Amsterdam, soooo cute! I’m expecting to see some of the pottery in your future food posts!!!!

    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Agreed, the Netherlands has so much to offer! It is the one place I would love to move to once I graduate and get a few years career experience under my belt.
    I love the cheese shops in Holland, who doesn’t love tasters!

  • Gorgeous photos. Ahh would so love that dress/coat combo. Thanks for the inspo. Heading to The Netherlands in July. Some great little tips. Rosie (www.therosedogblog.me) x

  • You pictures are absolutely beautiful! 🙂


  • beautiful photography as always! 🙂 and you look amazing xx

    La Petite Mademoiselle , a blog by Lisa Santos

  • Jersey Girl

    Would love to have you over to Jersey for a visit Rosie, we have some very lovely people here too, and such a mix of nationalities. Not to mention all the beautiful beaches, restaurants and heritage sites! Absolutely love this post, especially the pottery, I really hope you purchased that tempting looking afternoon tea stand! x Jersey Girl x http://www.jerseygirl.co

  • PatriciaParisienne

    I just want to jump right into these photos! Absolutely gorgeous. And your outfit is divine! x

  • Some beautiful photographs! Especially love your church shots. Gorgeous http://www.shehearts.net

  • Oh wow that looks absolutely amazing. My grandparents have some of that china somewhere.

    Love Hayley,

    Water Painted Dreams

  • Such a sweet outfit! And those photos are gorgeous!


  • Those tiles are going to look PERFECT on my pinterest kitchen (lolol)
    But seriously – beautiful pictures.
    So happy for you and the mister and all of your adventures! xo

  • You take such fab pics! Really inspiring me to do more outfits with places for my blog! Thanks!


  • This outfit proves that you can still play tourist and look uber chic! These photos are stunning!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • This looks like an amazing alternative to Amsterdam – I always prefer to stray from the tourist areas and it seems you have uncovered a gem! The town looks so beautiful. Lots of love, Andrea xxx

  • Melinda from mylifemychoice.de

    God….this city looks so pretty and really amazing pictures ! 🙂 I enjoyed looking at this post a lot…

  • Great photos! And I’m so glad you’re hopping around the country because I know so few towns in the Netherlands. Lovely post xx
    -Claire, tallgirlbigworld.com