Tacombi at Fonda Nolita

Ok, so I think we might just have stumbled across the best tacos in New York.

They’re whipped up in a pretty awesome garage in Nolita, as it happens.

Yep, a garage.

Inside there’s a couple chefs, chillin’ a Veedub camper, just flinging out plate after plate of tacos.

There’s a bar & take out counter.

Homemade agua frescas by the barrel.

And a party atmosphere that’ll have you swearing you’re south of the border…

If only you could wriggle your toes into sand, rather than concrete.

Each tin table is laid with house hot sauces and a simple, cracking menu.

We kicked off with bowls of ceviche & their unbeatable guac.

Plump slices of fish in a citrus bath, with a little spicy kiss and some salty, freshly made dipping chips.

For the main event we held back.

We were pretty restrained.

We ordered everything, twice.

The stand out winners were:

The cochinita pibil…

Juicy, slow cooked pork shoulder with zingy pico de gallo.

The seared fish…

Light, salty, spicy and perfectly charred.

The pork belly…

God, this one’s a real cracker.

And of course the crispy fish tacos (always a firm favourite) which had their own dedicated sauce.

A sweet, smoky, lightly spicy concoction that just sings with the crunchy, fresh & flaky fish.

It was a hell of a feast.

Washed down with Mexican beer, watermelon waters and enough hot-sauce to bathe in (though I wouldn’t recommend it… bit tingly down there, I reckon).

Each taco order comes with two tacos and double stuffing, so you can fill up both.

It’s inexpensive and the bill comes with a postcard to send to your Mexican loving amigos.

And the whole place is just so damn photogenic!

I can’t get enough of that blue.

They take reservations for big groups (8+) so if you’re planning on being in the area, grab your chicos and hold your own little fiesta.

Website & details here.

If Mexican’s nacho thing and you’d rather taco ’bout clothes, then I’m in my comfort uniform.

[iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”120px” scrolling=”no” src=”http://currentlyobsessed.me/api/v1/get_widget?wid=29&blog=The%2BLondoner&product_ids=n_8968758,n_9165118,n_8696292,n_8668324,n_8887500,n_9165170,n_9165166,n_8969002&rows=1&cols=5&brand=1&price=0&hover=1″ width=”600px”]

I can’t even tell you how much I’m hankering to go to Mexico!

Anyone got any recommendations on where’s best to visit? I want to live on guacamole & margaritas, sleep in a shack and swim with tortugas. Too much to ask?

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  • cdeez

    I’m moving from Chicago to NY in a month and keep hearing that there’s no good Mexican food there (terror of terrors!). Good to see that you’ve discovered otherwise. 🙂

    • So hard to find good Mexican food here in NYC. The best spots are the one that look like holes in the wall. They are usually super cheap and authentic.

  • That place looks like it came straight out of a movie! Are you sure its a real restaurant?!? lol
    ps. love that tank

    xo Cassandre

  • Karen

    Delicious post! Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful place in Mexico!

  • OH.MY.GOSH! I’m drooooling that looks so good! One of my favourite things about my trip to Mexico was the guacamole, I had that stuff at every meal!

    and this restaurant is actually one of the coolest looking ones I’ve ever seen, great photos 🙂


    The Fashionista Bubble

  • Holy toledo that looks goo-ood! Your food photography is out of this world. I always end up ravenous after reading one of your foodie posts!


  • Sooo, Mexico. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the country. I recently went to Isla Mujeres to sunbath and see whale sharks, it’s a pretty good destination because you can hop a lil plane to the Mayan temples (Chicen Itza, etc), but definitely go during the dry season…and NOT pregnant! Here’s my take on it: Off the Yucatan.

    V @ Life+1

  • Emily Kalbun

    Wow! Isn’t mexican food amazing?I just adore how bright fresh spicy and versitile it can be. The restaurant looks fabulous! I just love that style, all urbany chic (if thats what you call it) and still full of soul. Just a great looking place with great looking food!

  • You had me at Mexican beer – it all looks yummy! And thanks for another great eatery tip – I can’t wait to try it out on my next trip to the city!!!

    Meghan xo

    PS – love your cute slippers!!

  • These tacos look delicious!! I will definitely be hunting them down asap!!! 🙂

  • That looks delicious! I’ll definitely need to check this out next time I’m in New York. X theintellectualswan.blogspot.com

  • I LOVE tacos! If I go to NY this year i’ll have to stop by and try their tacos!

    -The Southern Adventurer


  • Mia@Razzle Dazzle Rose

    Check out Punta Mita in Mexico! Great hotels, great food and close to Sayulita surfing spots. And then after that go to the other side of the coast to Playa del Carmen and the fabulous Tulum!



  • I was in NYC a while and a friend suggested going here. We ended up heading elsewhere and now I really regret it! Keep these food posts coming!!!

    http://thatumamilife.wordpress.com – a clean eating bento blog. Japanese or Asian-inspired!

  • Janine Maral

    All this food talk is making me hungry!!

    Janine Maral from http://www.janinemaral.com

  • Megatrawni

    Yum! Although, the best Mexican food I’ve ever had was on Mission Beach in San Diego! You should visit!

  • TheUniStudent

    This is what I’m taco’ing about!

  • Allizzia Rmz

    We would love to have you in Mexico! Although swimming with turtles is kind of dangerous, you can do that in Xcaret!

  • Tess

    Hi Rosie, great post as always! If you decide to head to one of the more popular spots in Mexico around the Yucatan (like Playa del Carmen or Tulum) it would be great if you opted for a place with solid eco credentials. Tourism in Mexico has had some incredibly destructive environmental effects on the fragile ecosystem along the coastline (including the lovely tortugas, who are dying out in huge numbers because of the disruption to their nesting environments and patterns caused by seaside resorts). We stayed at Ahau Tulum (Tulum in general has a great selection of eco-friendly joints) but I’m sure there are others. Btw, I’m in no way affiliated with any of the resorts–just someone who believes in ethical, environmentally-friendly tourism 🙂 Love your blog, and enjoy Mexico if you get to go!

  • Now craving fish tacos! Might just have to us your recipe for tonights dinner.

    Fie xx

    Coffee & Confetti

  • I love how quirky that venue looks!

    I may have said it before on another post, but it would be wonderful if you did a post on photography. Your photos always look so sharp, light and bright, as well as engaging (for want of a better way of putting it!). Tips would definitely be appreciated!


  • Beccy

    These look absolutely delicious – Have got a craving for fish tacos now – probably not the best idea for breakfast…!

    Beccy // http://www.bluebellandbumpkin.blogspot.com

  • I want to go to Mexico too pretty much for the exact same reasons! South Italy is the closest I’m going to get this year but I might just dress all the food up with some lime and avocado with a good dose of tequila on the side… the hot sauce bath comment made me laugh! xxx
    Lucy @ la-lingua.blogspot.com

  • Queenie Lee

    This place looks rad and the food looks incredible! xxx


  • The place looks really cool! Every corner seems to be a photoshoot-possible spot 😀 The food looks really appetizing too~


  • As if I wasn’t jealous enough of your trip already – this place looks amaaaazing! You lucky thing! x

  • Oh damn Rosie this looks absolutely amazing. There are like no places to get good Mexican food in my town 🙁


    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  • Samantha Bei

    Playa del Carmen is amazing in Mexico! It’s close to Cancun but isn’t as big of a tourist trap. There are also some amazing restaurants on 5th ave. There’s this tiny gem off of 5th Ave and 38th street called La Portena owned by a Dutch man who grills Argentinean steaks. His food is amazing and not what you would expect from pretty much a tiny hole in the wall (but I’ve learned that those places tend to always have the best food). Chez Celine is also a great place to grab a couple of pastries and an iced latte before heading to the beach for the day!

  • Harri

    Please go to Mexico sometime! it’s on my list of places to go in 2015! Would love to see you post about it 🙂

  • the food looks divine and the place looks so much fun! wish you’d made this little discovery in London instead so I could try it out!
    love Jess xx

  • samantha l.

    I love Tacombi! Also try the Mexican corn cobs at Cafe Habana around the corner of Tacombi… I used to live in New York and will go to London next week. So exited to go there :). I posted some pictures of my favorite (Mexican) restaurants in NYC on my own blog (www.heydecorate.com). There are actually lot’s of good Mexicans in NY:). Some other of my favorite Mexicans are ABC Cocina, La Esquina, Empellon Taqueria.

  • This place looks amazingly cool! The food looks delicious – I’m a huge fan of Mexican food.

    Hugs xoxo


  • Anna Haroldsson

    Hi Rosie, I’m obsessed with mexican food! Love this post!! I was just wondering where your top is from? It doesn’t seem to be the ones that you’ve posted and I’m hankering for it. X

  • This looks amazing, the food, the venue.. All of it! I’m putting all these on a list so when I do eventually visit NY, I know where to eat.

    Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  • Lizzie Baxter

    I think I could dive into that beautiful blue!! What a cracking find, Rosie xx


  • i love little dives like this, it looks like good street food but with a nice sit-down atmosphere

    Lauren x

    Please nominate my blog for Best Lifestyle Blog and Newcomer here !

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • Oh wow! this looks like heaven on earth – i love places that look vintage-y and its so pretty in there! photo heaven! Yet to mention the food looks incredible!
    Ah that is a good find – my new york ‘to go’ list is ever increasing haha – thank you!

    Mollie xoxo

  • Emily C

    Such a great post!! You’re giving me so much inspiration for my trip to NYC in October!!

  • ive heard so much about this place! looks so cute!

    Michaela x


  • Sarah B

    Nooooo don’t say this! When I visited New York I must’ve walked past this place about 15 times, but I was too nervous to go in – it just looked too cool, plus I didn’t even realise it was a restaurant! Kicking myself now, I need to go back!

  • I’ve been here! I second great tacos!

  • How quirky! Definitely on my list for the next NYC trip- thanks!

  • Sepideh

    You ate your way through NYC, didn’t you?

    The food looks incredible, but I love the decor even more!


  • Jo Fisher

    I need to go on a Mexican adventure now! I may have to just settle for Wahaca for now. But one day……

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  • It was a BIG mistake reading this just before lunch, now all I want now is mexican food but don’t think there is anywhere that’ll compare in Hackney Central! Little London Girl x
    http://www.littlelondongirl.co.uk – please vote for me as the Next Newcomer Blog in the Cosmo Blog awards: http://www.next.co.uk/cosmo-blog-awards/

  • Rachel Schlosser

    Head to San Antonio, South Padre or any where near the beach in Texas.

  • Karlin

    Ahh I just moved to New York City this year, I’ll have to try this! Thanks for discovering it!

  • lorna sofia rambaud andrade

    Well Im a mexican girl Rose im have 27 years old and i can say that those tacos área not a real mexicano tacos if you want to come to méxico you can do a trip because méxico its so big … And so diferent to south to north even the food chanche so … If you want ti come to the turistic zone you can start in the city, you are going to fall in love in this city and i can give you a very good recomendations of great places to eat. I study gastronomy and now im a concierge so i thing im a good one. And you can know the beautiful city you can stay 2 por 3 days here and then you can fly to one of our beach but we have alot of beaches every one its so diferent. Oaxaca have beautiful beches and a really good food its one of the richeas food in méxico por you can go to Yucatán who have beautiful places and tasty food to then os playa del Carmen in quintana roo and hace one of the must beatiful beach es in the world but if you want a fancy thing in punta myta we have a beatiful space … or los cabos un the south its beautiful to but more more

  • lorna sofia rambaud andrade

    Its la paz.
    All our beaches are hot and our people are warm but please don’t dudes en pedirme consejos para estar en méxico
    México its safety but not all the places please ask me werever you want yo know about méxico ok. Sorry for my english its not the best .

  • I love a good hole in the wall! Great find!

  • Athena

    wow this place looks amazing! I loved Mexico and Puerto Vallarta is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been (+ turtles!)

  • Oh my gosh, if you want to go to Mexico, you HAVE to go to Isla Mujeres. It’s a tiny island off the eastern coast just a ferry ride away from Cancun. It’s heaven on earth. You can rent golf carts and drive the entire perimeter of the island in about an hour. The sand and beach are absolutely gorgeous, the water is crystal blue and you can take your time and hang out with the locals and eat your catch of the day. It’s tiny so there aren’t gobs of places to stay, but I know my friends have gone a couple of times and stayed at a couple different places and have never had a bad experience. It’s by far my favorite place to go in Mexico if all you want is sun, sand and relaxation. Plus, it’s so close to Cancun (you can actually see it from the beach), you could hop the ferry and take an excursion or two. But I bet if once you step off the ferry, you’ll never want to leave, it’s that wonderful. Let me know if you’d like to go and I can get you the hotels my friends have stayed at. I’ve only been once, unfortunately, but can’t recommend going there enough. There’s also a restaurant on the beach that boasts having the best sunset in all of Mexico (if not the world, but everyone says that, right?) and it is pretty damn amazing, I have to say. And don’t even GET me started on the ceviche and guac… heav.en.

  • Love tacos and Mexican food!! I just made fish tacos this weekend but man, the ones you had definitely trump mine 😉 xo

  • Zoe

    I’m in Ireland and the moment and can never find good Mexican food. I live for street tacos, and your photos are making me way too hungry 🙂 As for Mexico, I always recommend Cabo San Lucas–the locals are too friendly, the food is delicious, and the beaches are soft and sandy! I hope you make it and have a couple of tequilas for me as soon as possible 🙂 xx

    The What’s In Between

  • Nicole Morgan

    I spent three weeks in Akumal. It’s an hour south of Cancun on the Caribbean side of the Yucatan peninsula and had the most gorgeous sea grass bay right off the beach so snorkeling was a real joy with lots of turtles, fish, rays, etc. Lodging is mostly rustic and there is amazing food in the village across the highway. I haven’t been in years, but it was a real treat!


  • Rosy Rubio

    You should really come to Mexico, you’ll love our food, and we have such beautiful places to see!

  • Looks Amazing! I went to Gueros last time I went to NY, very tasty.


  • Yuliya

    Great find Rosie! My friend’s from Brooklyn hop over the river at least once a week for these bad boys 🙂

    Yuliya xx (www.redqueentales.blogspot.com)

  • Mary Jane Mortensen

    Cozumel has some beautiful clear beaches. And the food on the beach is sooo good!

  • Tulum is supposed to be amazing!

  • This place looks delicious. These aren’t quite the tacos you’d get in Mexico, but the ones down there are totally incredible in their own way. (The sauces in Mexico. Oh the sauces!) I blogged about our latest trip recently ( http://whoalansi.blogspot.ca/2014/02/la-manzanilla.html ). It was my favourite Mexican vacation to date – I’m already itching to go back.

    I’ve been to Mexico (Huatulco, Puerto Vallarta, Mayan Riviera) several times & enjoyed each of my trips, but this last one was my favourite by far. It depends on what you’re looking for but to me, resorts can be expensive & you don’t always get the most authentic food (don’t get me wrong, it will still be delicious, just more americanized). I liked eating authentic mexican food, hanging out with expats, & seeing glimpses of what life is like in a little Mexican town. It was also a lot cheaper to do it on our own.

    Resorts are easy though (probably especially coming from England) & you can definitely get out of the resort & explore the nearby local spots if that’s something you’re into. (I would definitely recommend it as that’s where the food is best!). We have friends that live outside of Cabo & that’s supposed to be an amazing spot as well! Resort-wise, my favourite was Huatulco. The beaches is Oaxaca are unreal – the softest sand! I also thought Puerto Vallarta was a really cool city to explore.

  • Delia Frias

    Hello Rosie!
    Oh.. if only you can come to Mazatlan.. it’s a port in the pacific coast of Mexico, in Sinaloa.. I’m from there, it’s not a huge town, but it’s so friendly and not expensive.. GREAT food!
    and you can release turtles to their habitat if you want..
    Hope you can come to wherever part of Mexico 🙂

  • Siobháin

    I’m headed to Cabo San Lucas in a week! (hooray!) and I have no idea where to eat. Yelp finally released a site for Mexico, so I hope with any luck I’ll be able to search for and find some hidden gems that I’ll have to share!

  • Taylor Harvey

    Tacombi is fantastic, great post! Next time you should try the maiz y poblano tacos. I was a vegetarian when I visited (so sad) but they were delicious. As far as Mexico goes, my parents visited a few years ago and stayed in a city on the Yucatan that was much less touristy than Cancun; it’s called Merida. Their hotel, Hacienda Xcanatun, was beautiful and they could not say enough good things about the service, accommodations and food. I can’t wait to get there myself.

  • Lacey Ostermann

    I’ve been to this place…for a wedding! The couple hired out entire place and there were tacos and tequila all night long. Got a bit messy! x

  • You have the best pictures of food here! 🙂


  • Lisa Pappalardo

    If you head to Mexico you need to visit Guanajuato. Unfortunately it’s not on the boarder, but it is the most beautiful and oldest city. It’s rowed with beautifully colored houses and it’s the city of the revolution. If you love the blues and colors of this restaurant you would be in heaven there. 🙂

    Lisa | c/oMKE

  • I live on guacamole as well. This place looks bomb!! Drooling as we speak.

  • Rebecca Villa

    La Paz Mexico. Costa Baja Resort. Amazing…….

  • Kelsey

    Mexican food has the best colors. Great photos! Has traveling around the U.S. been your summer holiday?

  • Hiral Mistry

    This all looks amazing! I am yet to find an amazing mexican in London though… any suggestions?

    Hiral xx

  • Sophie

    Guacamole, shack, tortugas. I seriously just want to pack everything up & move with those things in mind.

    Sophie x


  • This looks amazing! I love Mexican food! 🙂


  • This place sounds amazing! I definitely need to get my booty to NY when I graduate!

  • MissEmmySue

    Gah…what is it about authentic Mexican food? Nothing compares.
    I’ve actually never found a good option in NYC (especially compared to the amazing places in San Diego/SoCal so thank you for sharing this! I’ll definitely keep it on the radar for my next visit. 🙂


  • This looks so so incredible.

    Argh I just scrolled back up again to look at the snaps, DROOLIN’

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  • Wow what a feast! Gutted I missed this place when I was in NY. Definitely looks ridiculously photogenic.

  • I loved Mexico! I went shortly before the Mexican food craze really took off in Australia but was delighted to find it alive and buzzing when I got back!

    My recommendation would be to do a tour that takes you off the beaten track. I will never forget walking barefoot through a rainforest near Chichen Itza!

  • What an amazing space – love the VW!
    (They have them turned into bars in Thailand)
    Those taco’s look pretty dang tasty too…

  • Yet another place to add to the list of places to visit when in New York! You’re making me have a long list!!!!


  • That watermelon drink made me think of Beyonce’s song. lol All the food looks quite delicious <3

    Be sure to check out my blog.

    Maggie A

  • Emma R

    I reeeeeeally want to try tacos now. Wish there was somewhere near me that sold them! Maybe a little trip to Mexico will be on the cards in a couple of years…

  • Lisaemmerton

    Check out Villas Del Mar in Los Cabos Mexico. Private Beachfront Villas complete with butler and personal chef. My husbands company. The website is http://www.delmarescapes.com or you can email me at lisaemmerton@earthlink.net for details or help! You’ll never want to leave! Xo
    Lisa Emmerton

  • Ashley

    The best mexican food comes from places that are hole in walls! They are the most authentic and get the atmosphere just right! 🙂 I’m thinking I need a trip to mexico pretty damn soon too! See you across the border girl!

  • Alejandra Ocana

    Rosie my mouth is watering right now. Although I haven’t been in Mexico for a while I remember all those flavours as if I had had them yesterday.

    To answer your where to go in Mexico, there are many place to visit! But maybe you should look into areas like Cabo San Lucas (it’s in the north and on the pacific ocean side coast), Puerto Vallarta, Chiapas, Yucatan and many other places. Mexico has a lot to offer to tourism. I personally recommend you to visit Yucatan and the nearby areas like Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya. There is a lot of history there and many interesting places to visit! I’d like to tell you more but it would become a really long comment.

    Have a nice week and thanks, you made my day with these pictures! 🙂

  • Lilia Esperon

    Mi Mexico!! You must come to the Yucatán península. That area has the best food (that’s where cochinita pibil comes from.) Also Mexico City, it’s the biggest city in the world! Lots of things to do, museums, shopping, great food (both cheap and haute cuisine).. You can go to the beaches of Acapulco, Cancun, Tulum, where the ocean is turquoise blue. You must come, you won’t be dissapointed!

  • It’s amazing how you always manage to find such places, and I’m thankful cos you always share afterwards…:) Cheers!

    Iinear x

  • Katie

    I’d recommend avoidinig Cancun and going to Riviera Maya. There are some gorgeous boutique hotels and villas down there and you’re pretty much on the edge of the jungle on perfect white sandy beaches….with guac and chips mmmmmmm

  • Oh my goodness!! Rosie I think I’ve died and gone to heaven with this post!!

    It’s all so colourful and fresh and yes pleeeease

    x x


  • Brittany Foley

    I tried these tacos in NYC last Friday and they were WICKED good. Excellent recommendation. Definitely want to experiment with more tacos around the city now!

    xoxo Britt

  • Marty Alix

    Those tacos look absolutely divine. Makes me crave Mexican right about now! a la alix