Lunch in Venice, LA

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Venice beach in February is a dream.

A vast expanse of powder soft, golden sand, deep blue rolling waves crashing in the distance, brilliant blue skies and warm sunshine, with just enough of a blustery breeze to keep everyone else away.

Save for a few locals bundled up in jumpers and boots strolling in the surf, this couple of girls from London had the whole beach to themselves.

What Californians think of as winter feels like the most glorious summer’s day beside the sea for us wandering Brits.

We abandoned the car at Muscle Beach, kicked off our shoes and ran to the sea.

Strolling along with toes wriggling into the sand, as the choppy wind blew away the cobwebs.

For lunch we popped a couple of blocks in land to the much loved and aptly named…

Rose Café.

A laid back eatery best known for its brunch, its pizzas and coffee.

We went rogue with a seafood lunch for two.

Crispy Brussels sprouts, with a pickled jalapeño dashi broth, poached egg, Thai basil & scallions.

A real punch of umami flavour, caramelised sprouts and perfectly oozy egg yolk.

Yellowtail crudo, drenched in blood orange ponzu, sprinkled with Sicilian pistachios & finished with pistachio oil.

Di Stefano buratta, lovage pistou, cara cara and satsuma oranges, kumquats, pine nuts & sword lettuce.

Absolutely spectacular and a must-eat should you find yourself in need of sustenance after a long walk on the beach.

My favourite? The Bay scallops served raw with cucumber & yuzu kosho vinaigrette.

Be sure to grab a coffee and a treat from the counter before you go.

Take them to the beach and enjoy with your face to the sun, feet in the sand & hair blowing in the wind.

After all

“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” Karen Blixen

Does anyone have a wetsuit I can borrow?

I feel a surf lesson on my horizon!

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