Postcards from Malibu

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Today was just heavenly.

Mum and I drove out to Malibu for lunch.

It was a perfect, blue skied day, the slightest hint of a breeze picking up the salty scent of the ocean, sunshine glittering in the waves, and we knew just where to go to make the most of it.

Nobu is something of a Malibu institution and it’s not hard to see why.

I simply cannot imagine a better spot to sit, sip & nibble.

Which is what we did!

On all sorts of fish dolled up to the nines.

The most incredible oysters, all bathed in their own distinct sauces.

Packed full of flavour but never overwhelming the delicate taste of the sea.

The yellowtail sashimi is perfectly balanced with jalapeño ribbons and coriander leaves.

Their most popular dish.

The squid salad and of course, black cod.

After lunch we sat and chatted, watching the waves and the occasional stranger pass along the shore.

Relishing our one on one time together.

We have the sort of friendship where a look tells a thousand words, so we have the most wonderful shorthand. Nothing needs explaining or arguing. We get each other.

So wherever we are in the world, being with mum feels like coming home.

We took a stroll along the sand.

Mum had her first dip, ok paddle, in the Pacific.

And we made it to Malibu Farms for coffee.

And a spot of silly souvenir shopping.

Before strolling on back again.

To drive back to the city.

Truly the most perfect escape.


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