Antipaxos, Paxos

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Somewhat ironically my favourite day from our trip to Paxos, wasn’t spent on Paxos.

It was spent on the teeny tiny neighbouring island of Antipaxos. A short boat ride away and well worth the trip.

You can catch a boat from the port in Gaios (they leave pretty frequently, but if you get there at about 9 you can hop on the first one!)

Buy a ticket for a taxi boat (more like a taxi bus really) and hop aboard.

The trip to the island takes about 30mins and before you know it you’ll be pulling into Vrika Bay as the captain shouts for everyone to get off!

Disregard him!

Keep your little bottom glued to the deck.

Let everyone else get off and watch as the bay slips out of view.

You’ll sail right around to another, much better, secret bay.

Voutoumi Beach.

Hop off onto the hot wooden deck, with turquoise water swirling below.

And get ready to wriggle your toes into the softest sand in the Greek isles.

And marvel at some of the clearest water you’ll ever paddle in.

I challenge you not to make this exact face…

Paradise found.

The beach is part pebbled, part sandy, and there are sunbeds you can rent, with all important parasols for littles.

The water is warm in the autumn, having been under the summer sun all season.

It’s shallow and the waves are more like ripples really.

The perfect place to drift away.

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There’s a taverna on the beach if you get hungry, but if you can face it, climb the 200 steps to the aptly named – Bella Vista Taverna.

It’s quite the climb! Most people arrive looking like this…

…but quite inexplicably, some manage to arrive like this.

Witchcraft, I tell you!

But there’s one hell of a view to drink in while you catch your breath.

Put someone who’s hungry in charge of ordering, and let them go wild!

You can’t go wrong with the classics.

Followed by a good old fashioned siesta.

And a swim.

Before setting sail for Paxos once more.

Back to the land of olive trees and pretty painted churches.

To wash off the salt and watch the sunset with a glass of crisp Greek white in hand.

Playing backgammon and laughing until the stars twinkle into life.

The mother-daughter-daughter trip of a lifetime and one I’ll never forget.

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