Under Wraps

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Some things are just too good to keep under wraps.

Sometimes when you find that secret weapon, that thing that makes you feel like the very best version of yourself, you’ve just gotta shout it from the rooftops. 

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I learned about Heist Studios from a friend of mine who was eager to spill the beans on her new discovery.

First, she fell in love with the tights. Beautiful, seamless creations that don’t roll down or need hiking up every few minutes.

Then, she fell for the shapewear. Now if you’ve ever rolled on the floor trying to squeeze yourself into traditional shapewear (or as I call it, sausagewear) then you’ll know how unlikely this is. There is quite frankly nothing less sexy. But you’ll soon be singing from our hymn sheet.

This top…

…it’s a new breed of shapewear. Heist Studios’ “The Outer Body” to be exact.

The silkiest body that leaves yours feeling smoothed over and the best version of itself.

You’re not squished in and left struggling to breathe, you’re just supported and held in place.

Sure you can wear it as underwear, it’ll make any dress fit that much better, but why hide it?

I wear mine with a jacket and jeans to feel the bee’s knees.

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But there’s a new kid on the block.

Body contouring shorts, that lift and sculpt.

The Highlight Short

There’s no squidging or suffocating.

They just feel like really supportive leggings, holding you in in all the right places.

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Whatever their shape or size, you won’t find a celeb willing to brave the red carpet without shapewear on. It’s been around for ever and has always been sold as something that’ll make you look good… but inside you’ll be quietly suffering.

These new designs truly revolutionise the space.

Sure you’ll look good, but much more importantly you’ll feel good too.

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Butt the best bit?

That unbeatable butt lift!

The sort that makes your husband want to walk a few feet behind you on the coffee run.

Hey Heist, how about taking on the legging market next?

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