Sitting Pretty

This weekend my little family made a break for it.

We slipped out of London in the dead of night, fleeing the stifling heat.

Racing across the country beneath a field of stars, headed for green and pleasant lands.

We arrived at mum’s house just after midnight, popped Lily into bed and cracked open a bottle of chilled champagne. We toasted in the cool night air, to a weekend with no plans, just being together was reason enough to celebrate.

We spent the next handful of days laughing, paddling, snoozing, walking, eating and snoozing some more.

Lily’s newest party trick is sitting up.

She’s still a little wobbly but that only seems to add to the excitement of it all! She sways to and fro and I do my very best not to helicopter parent or worry.

Much like her mother however, Lily’s never happy with her current achievements, she’s already keen to conquer the next one.

No, not crawling, sadly there’s zero interest in that just yet!

Lily is quite simply obsessed with standing up.

She’s threatening to move out and head to university any day now.

Straw hat // Printed shirt dress 

Printed sun hat // White romper

Garden mattress

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Naturally there are a few wobbles here and there…

… but that only makes it all the more exciting!

Which I’ve decided to take as a life lesson & approach everything as Lily does.

Give it a go, if it all goes wrong, well that’s ok!

You can always try again…

…and again and again and again!

There will always be loved ones around to lend you a hand & encourage you.

Even if that loved one is just a quiet voice in the back of your mind saying “you can do this”.

So if you’re waiting for a sign to take that chance, to go for it, then this is it.

If little Lily believes in herself, then you should too.

May we all approach life with the relentless determination of a little girl!

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