Do you remember that scene in Hook, where the boys sit down for a feast and it turns into a huge food fight?

The magic of Peter’s imagination coming to life, the smile that spreads across his face and the pure joy that comes from connecting to his inner child?

Imagine if we all connected with our inner 10 year old on a daily, or even weekly basis. The creativity. The happiness. The excitement. Well, the world would be a very different place indeed.

If we could only push aside the beige reality of being a grown up and colour outside the lines for a bit, we’d all be a lot more relaxed, a little happier and way less stressed.

If we treated our bodies with the reverence they deserve, treated them to the freshest foods, the best nutrients, the goodness they crave, we’d feel much better too.

By feeding your gut the probiotics and prebiotics it so badly needs, you’d lessen anxiety, banish the blues and start to crave the things that are good to you. You’d finally be able to trust your gut!

What if doing all of that felt like the ultimate treat rather than a chore?

Allow me to introduce, Bangarang Bowls!

Healthy, dairy free, ice-cream with a probiotic punch that’ll turn your life upside down!

With the added bonus of making you feel like a Lost Boy in Neverland.

Smooth, softy-style ice cream with no added sugar but LOTS of added goodness.

You can add whatever supplements you like, but my current cocktail is as follows.

Live Probiotics (I use VSL3, they’re the most concentrated form on the market and as you know completely changed my life a couple of years ago. I subsequently worked with them, but this is in no way sponsored. I’ve been buying them for years now and just can’t see myself ever using another brand. If you have your own favourite, use those! Just make sure they’re chilled and the sort you keep in the fridge.)

Blue Green Algae (Once you’ve put your probiotics in place, you need to feed them!) 

Collagen (For joints, skin, hair & nails.)

Blue Spirulina (which has all the benefits of regular spirulina but no taste, and the most incredible blue colour!) 

These all blend perfectly with the “ice cream” base. Per bowl you’ll need –

1 frozen banana (green ones are best, but yellow/brown are much sweeter)

1 generous handful of frozen pineapple

1 generous handful of frozen mango

3-4tbsp coconut milk

Pop all of the above, along with your supplements (the recommended daily amount), into a food processor or very strong blender. Blend until smooth. If it doesn’t blend just wait a couple of minutes and try again, the fruit will start to melt and soften. 1tsp of blue spirulina will give you a beautiful pale blue colour, more will intensify the effect. Add it at the very last moment if you want a ripple effect.

Serve as it is, Peter Pan style.

Or add toppings.

Use your imagination and go wild here.

We used bee pollen, passion fruit, a scoop of nut butter and a couple of berries.

No need to be precious about the presentation.

This is all about connecting with your inner child, remember?!

Get stuck in!

The perfect mid-afternoon treat for summer days.

One helluva breakfast.

Or something to curb your sweet tooth in the evenings.

If you’re new to the world of supplements, it might be worth chatting to your doctor (especially if you’re pregnant!), a great naturopath or a nutritionist to get some advice on what you need.

Sadly it’s not a simple case of “just taking everything!” or what your friend is taking, because everyone needs different things and some vitamins cancel each other out, some help others absorb, it’s about finding the right cocktail for you.

I swear by magnesium in the evenings, probiotics have really helped me so so much, almost everyone I know takes CBD oil (even my dog!), but it really is all such a personal thing.

Find what works for you!

Then paint the town blue.

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