I spent 15 years going in and out of hospitals, being prodded and “hmmm’d” over in doctor’s offices, poked by homeopaths, and talked at by nutritionists.

Scans, tubes, injections, x-rays, good ol’ fashioned poking – nothing could explain why every single day without fail I would be bent over crippled with pain, at some point or another.

I tried every fix you can imagine, strict diets, cutting out all sorts of things, popping pills, nothing helped.

Until I discovered my Happy Gut Chocolate Shake!

I have one most days and I’ve been agony free for about a year.

My mum makes herself something similar and has never felt better, it even cleared up the arthritis that kept her from her jewellery workshop.

A close friend swears it’s eased her anxiety and unshackled her from the irrational fears holding her life back in so many ways.

Impossible you say?

Well, there’s a reason doctors call our gut The Second Brain.

Your gut has the same number of neurones as a cat, and you know how clever those can be!

People tell you to “trust your gut” because it’s in constant conversation with your brain, and to simplify a very complex system, if your gut’s not happy – your mind won’t be either.

Am I saying this shake will most definitely cure all of your maladies? No. But I do promise that it’ll change your life.

Have one a day – you could have it at breakfast (I find it very filling so generally have mine in place of breakfast, but you know your appetite) or have it as a post supper treat in the evenings. Keep it up for 2 months, and I guarantee you’ll see a difference.

I shed a few pounds, my skin, hair and nails are better than ever, no more stomach pain and most importantly, I feel happier than I ever have.

It’s delicious too!

Per person I use:

1/2 a frozen banana (greenish ones, rather than bright yellow or browning)

200ml(ish) kefir milk (I use this or this)

1/2 tbsp raw cocoa powder

1tbsp hemp seeds

1tbsp natural peanut butter (find one that’s 100% peanuts, not the sugary stuff)

1 pack VSL3 probiotics

Then I just multiply depending on how many people are over for breakfast. The only prep involved is freezing your bananas ahead of time. I tend to buy a few bunches and do it all in one go, to last a couple of weeks.

Then you just bung it all into a blender.

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You see it’s not enough to pop a probiotic pill. Firstly if your probiotics aren’t delivered on ice, they probably aren’t alive any more.

You want them living, ready to set up a nice cosy home in your gut and take care of you!

And for them to do that, you have to feed them. Kefir is perfect! So are the green bananas.

While cacao is a superfood and good for giving you a little happy boost, I must admit this is mostly for flavour.

Who doesn’t love a chocolate shake?!

Hemp seeds are an amazing source of protein, and far more digestible than traditional sources like eggs, meat, milk, etc. They’re a great source of vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.

Great for your heart. Lots of people use them as an appetite suppressant, so you’ll feel fuller for longer and curb those sugar cravings.

Help with PMS and they’ll feed your probiotics.

Find them in any health shop, or I get mine online.

VSL3 is the real hero here.

The most concentrated dose of live probiotics you can get without a prescription.

They arrive on ice and you need to keep them in the fridge, too long in the warm and they’ll die.

There’s all sorts of info on the website, you do need to order them online. They’re not cheap, but I genuinely believe they’re worth every penny. (Not sponsored, I don’t make any commission, I don’t get a discount. Sadly!)

A big dollop of peanut butter for flavour, protein and all of the good fats you need for tip-top brain function.

All blended together into one thick, frosty shake.


Give it a go, it’s a small change that’s made all the difference to my life.

If you’re already healthy as a horse and happy as a clam, well at least you’ll have breakfast sorted and get a little longer in bed every day!

Shake it, baby!

PS. I use this blender US version here. Sorry for not including all the links before! 

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