Walking on Sunshine

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that ‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.’

Which is how I feel about spring. This time of year feels so filled with promise, anticipation, potential. The sun finally breaks through the grey haze of January & February, the magnolia trees begin to bloom and the cherry trees burst their buds, covering their branches with popcorn blooms almost over night. 
It all ties in rather wonderfully with the end of a pregnancy and the blossoming of motherhood. 
All those months of waiting and wondering, filled with promise, anticipation and potential, suddenly coming to fruition over night! 
Our first week was spent in bed, recovering and getting to know one another. We had a few hiccups (quite literally!) with breastfeeding to begin with, as Lily had a tongue & lip tie. We took her to see the wonderful Dr Levinkind who operated on her with a cold laser (totally painless) and we were on our way home within the hour. Since then she’s taken to feeding like a duck to water. She’s gaining weight as fast as her mother did freshmen year of university, and is growing like a weed! 
We’ve been blessed with an early spring for our second week together, and while I’m under strict instructions from my midwife to spend it recovering on the sofa… well, I never was very good with strict instructions. 

Lily and I have been out walking together. 

Sipping and nibbling at pavement cafes. 

Drinking in the warm fresh air and while I people watch, she cloud gazes. 

Blue & white print dress // Longer navy version

Hermes scarf

Chanel bag // Navy belt

Pram (I should have bought the navy one!)

Nude flats

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I quite simply refuse to hide away when breastfeeding or cower in the loos. I wouldn’t eat my lunch in a bathroom, so why should Lily? 

So I quickly realised I’d need a few more “nursing friendly” outfits. Thankfully midnight feeds make the best time for one handed shopping! 

I ordered a number of shirt dresses, some wrap tops and loose fitting shirts, all of which I can pop a boob out of at a moment’s notice. (Not something I’d ever realised would be required of my clothing!)

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This particular dress has an elasticated waistband so is exceptionally comfortable, but will also shrink to fit as my tummy goes down. 

My shawl was a very clever birthday gift from my husband. It’s so great for breastfeeding and has been doubling as an extra baby blanket. 

Naturally the weather helps, but I can’t tell you how happy we are. 

I feel like I’d been so bombarded with negativity about the newborn stage, how tough it would be, how hard the lack of sleep would be, and sure, it is hard. There have certainly been a few tears shed by both myself and Lily… 

…but it’s also wonderful. I mean life affirmingly, somebody pinch me, walking on sunshine, wonderful. 

Every time I look at her I fall more and more in love. 

I’m incredibly lucky to have people I love around to support us as we muddle through. 

But just incase you’re pregnant and worrying, yes the newborn stage is tricky at times but what people don’t tell you is how bloody brilliant it is, too. 

Relax mama, you’ve got this. Any problems that come up along the way, you can cross those bridges when you come to them. 

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