Tree’s A Crowd

Everything we own is finally in the new house. Not necessarily unpacked, but it’s in!

My Swedish counterpart arrived yesterday so any idea of unpacking went out of the window, now the fun stuff can begin!

We didn’t waste a single moment, pulling on coats and boots, heading out into the crisp cold to forage for foliage.

Which in Notting Hill means a trip to Wild at Heart.

An integral part of our annual Christmas traditions.

Checked fur collared coat // Blue poloneck

Maternity jeans // Navy knee high boots

Red Prada tote // Cute budget friendly option

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Teddy bear coatalso in this colour!

Snuggly jumper // Skinny jeans

Brown boots // Brown bag

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Wild At Heart is looking better than ever this year, draped in silvery ferns and bursting with bright festive colours.

Although tempted by the new, asymmetrical wreath styles, we couldn’t tear ourselves away from the more traditional options.

“This one!”

Choosing one that smells as good as it looks.

Bundled up with oranges, cinnamon, and fragrant pine.

The perfect welcome to all of our guests this season as they step over the threshold.

I feel like Valentina has been with me for all of life’s great moments. Since we graduated together we’ve travelled the world, shared in the excitement of each other’s engagements (immediately after they each happened!), career highlights, we danced ourselves silly on my hen party, she was by my side at my wedding and we wept together finding out I was pregnant.

Living so far away from each other isn’t easy but I like to think that our friendship is proof that long distance can work and perhaps you can even become stronger together because of it.

It’s so special that she’s here to see us move into our first house, and even more so because she can join in the fun of decorating it for Christmas!

Custard is equally excited.

On the inside.

Wreath successfully sourced, we set our sights on something bigger, from the marvellously named “Pines and Needles“.

A Nordmann Fir for the sitting room.

And a few snaps to record the memories along the way.

Then back to business.

I managed to lure my more sensible chaperones away from the little’uns.

For something a little more substantial!

Mischief managed.

Forever in a hurry, we couldn’t wait to get it wrapped and in the car.

We bundled it up, threw it in the boot (thank goodness I traded in the sports car for my new mumsy number! Just think of all the shopping I can fit in there, never mind the dogs and babies!)

Cranked up the Christmas songs, largely to drown out our singing and save my poor husband’s ears.

Trundling home to put it up. With one quick pit stop along the way.

A cup of molten chocolate at Melt, just off Westbourne Grove.

The whole shop smells like hot chocolate and butter.

There’s always something delicious being pulled from the ovens.

We toasted to a successful mission.

And sipped on thick creamy chocolate, watching the Christmas shoppers go by.

A perfectly festive start to the season!

This week will be choc-full of Christmassy adventures, I hope you’ll join us along the way…

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