Fondu for Two

Next up on our list of festive adventures to be had this week, was a small lake of Swiss cheese.

So off we trotted to find just that!

White coat (similar, mine’s a couple of years old)

Cashmere beret // Red Christmas jumper

Maternity jeans

Navy bag // Navy velvet flats

Navy coat // Navy Christmas jumper

Embellished jeans

Handbag // Ballet pumps

Spruced up in our finest festivewear, much like our destination.

Dalloway Terrace.

Decorated to within an inch of its life by none other than Nikki Tibbles.

Snug as a couple’a bugs in rugs, we ordered up a couple of pots of their finest fondu and got stuck in.

Traditional Swiss for Val, the same for me, with added truffle!

Along with mulled wine, a hot cocktail and some mulled apple juice for me & the bump.

We dipped and dunked to our hearts content.

I’ve never seen truffled fondu on a menu before so was somewhat apprehensive about how good it could be…

…well, I think the look of utter bliss on my face is review enough.

If you’re a fan of truffle and a cheese lover, get down there sharpish! I really cannot recommend it enough.

Although talking of cheese, did you hear about the explosion at the French cheese factory?

All that was left was de-brie.

(I’ll see myself out.)


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