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This weekend we finally moved house!

It’s been in the pipeline for a little while, we were due to move last month but there was a hold-up with the renovations so we had to wait. It was starting to feel like one of those things that may just never happen and I was dreading the idea of still being in limbo come Christmas. But as they say, the things we worry the most about never come to fruition!

We’re in!

Ok so we’re still tearing apart boxes trying to find toiletries in the morning, some of the taps don’t work and the house is so warm that I may just get my wish of a tropical Christmas after all… but we’ll get it all figured out over the next few days.

My parents generously came up to town for the weekend and helped us unpack, pregnancy giving me the ultimate excuse to slip into my favourite role… director.

“Left a bit, right a bit! PIVOT!” 

We needed to move out of my bachelor pad and into something more family friendly. Naturally my first vote was for the countryside.

The night I met my husband he asked me what I truly wanted out of life and without a moments pause I said “I want to live in the countryside with dogs, babies and chickens.” His response? “That sounds great! Let’s do it!”

So I spent months trawling through property websites looking for a home for my free-range, country living dreams. I set up alerts on anything new (but old, with an aga obviously!) popping up in Kingham and similarly picturesque little villages in The Cotswolds. Much like Goldilocks, I couldn’t find anything just right.

Then we found out we were pregnant and all of those dreams were quite suddenly a crystal clear reality, and a little scary in the light of day!

After some soul searching we decided that a leap into an entirely new way of life, with a new baby might be a bit much all at once. I didn’t want to be “left” with baby while my husband trekked into London for long days of meetings and I was a little daunted by the idea of making an entirely new circle of friends with my hands full.

So we decided to look closer to home, somewhere we could both still walk out to meetings and I can trot down to my local haunts with baby bundled in a carriage to meet loved ones. (And somewhat more superficially, walk to yoga, the hairdresser and get tacos delivered in the middle of the night!) It turns out I’m not quite ready for country life just yet.

So imagine my immense joy (and I mean immense, I burst into tears on the first viewing – way to play it cool Rosie!) upon finding the perfect, wonky old house right here in Notting Hill. Complete with aga of my dreams.

A place that no matter how long we stay, 5 years or 50, will always be the house where you were born, little one.

There’s still lots to do but we’re going to take our time and enjoy the process.

Valentina arrives tomorrow so she’s going to help and we may do a little Christmas decorating!

I’ll be sure to take lots of snaps, to remember this happy time and so you can join us too.


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