West Village Burgers, NYC

My favourite burger in New York isn’t fancy.

It’s not some Michelin-Wagyu-Truffle-Gold Plated creation served on crisp white table cloths by men in bow ties.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

It’s as simple as burgers come, served in a dark, noisy, cash-only sports bar on the Upper East Side, called JG Melon. But however much I love the place, there is simply no way I’ll sit in traffic for an hour to get there.

So instead we went in search of something suitably beefy a little more locally, in Greenwich Village.

Which, by the way, is the ultimate place for a little weekend wandering, should you find yourself footloose and fancy free in New York.

A mixture of unusual shops, cafés and restaurants dotted between rows of beautiful old townhouses.

Quintessential New York.

Weekend mode engaged in my comfiest outfit –

Oversized shades

Bespoke pearls

Camel sweater dress (not maternity, but works brilliantly!)

Shoulder bag // White sneakers

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The biggest side effect of pregnancy for me has been the incessant hunger. I mean I get ravenous every hour!

And there’s no passing me off with some dry cracker or piece of fruit I’m afraid. I want to love whatever I’m having.

So imagine my complete and utter incomparable joy at discovering that my Uptown sports bar had opened a place in the West Village!

With a pretty terrace for people watching, to boot!

We snagged a table and ordered our usual right away.

The only real craving I’ve had so far is for fresh lemonade, which they serve everywhere in America. So Bump and I were very happy.


Prepare yourself.

The burgers don’t look like much, but as with most things in life, looks can be deceiving.

This simple looking, but perfectly cooked patty, topped with molten cheese, followed by a good squirt of ketchup, slather of French mustard and a stack of pickles, is my favourite New York burger.

You’ll just have to trust me on this one!

The toasted bun is pillow soft.

And sometimes simple pleasures are the very best kind.

Be sure to get a bowl of fluffy country fries, and don’t be embarrassed if you finish your burger only to immediately order another. Everyone does.

After lunch we strolled through more of The Village.

Dipping in and out of shops, enjoying the autumn sunshine.

Taking frequent rests along the way!

Before getting itchy feet and racing off to see more!

The perfect lazy weekend lunch!

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