Sushi in Chelsea

When you see us stroll by, you may just see a couple of friends laughing and joking away in a shorthand only they understand.

Black shades // Shearling jacket

Skinny jeans

Prada bag // Cosy boots

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Black shades // Black coat

Black jeans

Prada bag // Cosy boots

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But all I see is a couple of sushi fiends on the hunt for their next fix.

Lucky for us, one of London’s finest underground sushi operations has come West.

Welcome to Dinings SW3.

A beautiful, light filled space nestled between Chelsea & South Ken.

Everything they serve is exquisitely crafted and presented with panache, from the very simple…

…to the more elaborate…

Beautiful, spectacularly fresh sashimi is paired with caviar, herbs, even the occasional truffle.

Each marriage making so much more than the sum of its parts.

Very much a case of 1+1 equalling 3.

Beautiful, too!

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Once you’ve nibbled your way through the plump scallops, slurped down the yuzu butter, and polished off the langoustines, another round of fun will arrive in the blink of an eye.

The tartar tacos are a must.

Taco ’bout little mouthfuls of heaven!

Our next course required a little diner participation.

Mouthwatering, beautifully marbled wagyu steak, drizzled in lime and seared at the table.

Just a few seconds on each side, followed by a dunk in the sauce.

An experience well worth writing home about.

Especially when paired with everyone’s favourite side, miso roasted aubergine.

A king among vegetables.

Followed by a little soft shell crab maki, that’s just how we roll.

Chef’s selection of picture perfect, beautifully flavoured, melt in the mouth nigiri.

And a little spicy tuna action in place of dessert.

In short, as you’ve probably guessed, I cannot recommend a trip to Dinings enough.

My life may have changed out of all recognition from when I used to go on dates to the original all those years ago, but what hasn’t changed is their unwavering pursuit of perfection.

You’ll find the original in Marylebone, this one in SW3 and one in Tel Aviv. Book well in advance, lunch bookings are easier to come by. I would even hazard walking into SW3 on a weekday, the place is huge and busy but not packed.

Booking info here.

Take a date, take your parents or just go with a group of friends.

What are you waiting for?

Chop chop!


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