Wood Cabins, Canada

So I must admit that one of the main draws to spending Christmas in Canada was the idea of hiding away in a little snow covered cabin.

A tiny wooden home all of our own, tucked away in the woods. A crackling fire to sit beside and watch the snow fall outside.

I’m sure it sounds corny to any hardened Canadians out there, but a girl’s gotta have dreams!

We waved a fond farewell to Mount Engadine and continued on our journey north, along the border of Alberta and British Columbia.

Which I can safely say is the most picturesque drive I’ve ever done!

Every view looked like a postcard.

And then we stopped, we stepped right into my dreams.

My dream cabins, hidden away in the woods. Piled high with fresh snow, with woodsmoke wafting from their chimneys.

We braved the cold to explore a little.

Snuggly jacket

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Black scarf // Black poloneck

Black trousers // Moon boots

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Our cabin wasn’t quite ready, so with the temps dropping to -32C, we headed into the lodge to wait beside the fire.

Inside was as Christmassy as could be! Frank crooning through the speakers, lights twinkling, fire crackling happily in the hearth.

We took up residence beside it and slipped on hot cocktails.

Later we checked in to our little cabin, complete with front porch and little red berry wreath.

Inside was delightfully simple.

A couple of arm chairs, a little table and a bed. There’s even a little bathroom tucked away with a vintage tub, shower and loo.

Your own little hideaway among the snow laden trees.

We lit the fire, popped the guard up and left to let it get going.

Making the most of our little slice of Canadian wilderness, we took a walk through the freshly fallen snow.

Meeting a new friend along the way.

Rosie meets Rosie!

Each loves the snow in equal amounts!

It wasn’t too long before the sun dipped below the mountains and treated us to a technicolour sunset.

After a lazy evening dozing beside the fire, we took supper in the lodge.

Which exceeded all expectations.

We snaffled the rest of the bottle and took it back to our cabin for a quiet night in.

Sitting out to watch the blanket of stars twinkle into life, with a blanket and a cuppa to keep the chill at bay.

All my cabin dwelling dreams realised in one fell swoop!

What do you think, wood you fancy a wood cabin Christmas?

If so I recommend Storm Mountain Lodge with all my heart.

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