A Flying Start, Canada

Shortly before Christmas my fiancé and I fled the grey of London in search of a white Christmas.

And where better to find one than in deepest, darkest Canada?

A place you can always guarantee a fresh dusting of the white stuff!

Wrapped up to bear (grrr!) the cold.

Pom pom hat // Black sunnies

Favourite jacket of all time – so warm

Vegan alternative

Big black poloneck // Fleece lined leggings (two pairs! A total pansy, I know)

Black Moonboots

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First things first, we wanted to get a better look at the place we’d be spending the next couple of weeks.

So we decided to get as high as we possibly could.

Hopping aboard the first chopper out of Canmore that morning.

Up and up we rocketed, leaving the toy town below us.

We watched the sun slowly creeping it’s way up into the sky, illuminating a never ending carpet of sugar dusted pine trees below.

Our charming Swiss pilot pointed out wildlife and points of interest, while naming all of the mountain peaks and making me almost lose my breakfast as we shot up and plunged down over them.

We got right up close with the glacier, deep blue ice, older than humans, and towering like a skyscraper among the mountains.

Every minute we spent in the air felt increasingly surreal as we slowly grasped the sheer scale of the place.

It probably sounds ridiculous to a Canadian, but over here we don’t have countryside like this. Nothing that compares in terms of size or actual wilderness.

To look down on it all from above felt incredibly humbling (and only slightly knee trembly).

We set down at Marvel Pass, sending the freshly settled snow whirling around us.

As it settled, the view slowly came to life.

And we plunged into the deep snow to go see it!

The temperature dropped to -30C, and that’s without the icy wind cutting through the valley.

Snow and ice whipped off the trees and mountains around us.

It seemed we had outstayed our welcome, Mother Nature sent us packing.

But not without memories that will last a lifetime.

And a beautiful blue bird ride home.

Should you find yourself in The Rockies and fancy an alternative look at ’em, I cannot recommend this trip enough.

It’s called The Marvel Pass tour and you get it all to yourself. We found it through this site, which is a good place to start if you’re thinking of a roadtrip like ours.

We stocked up on a few necessities and made our way into the depths of the very wilderness we’d just flown over.

Heading for our first lodge way out in “Backcountry” (the middle of nowhere) but in no particular hurry, being sure to stop along the way to take it all in.

Finally making it to our new home sometime in the afternoon.

And racing inside to shelter from the incoming blizzard.

Which I can tell you, was no hardship at all!

More about our new home next time.

Wine not think about a lil road trip of your own?

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