Off The Grid, Canada

Way, way out of town you’ll find a little gem hidden among the trees.

You just follow the white ribbon of a road weaving through the mountains, over rivers, along ominously dark lake edges and keep going.

Eventually, you’ll find Mount Engadine Lodge.

Our cosy home from home for a few nights.


It’s off the grid, there’s no TV or cell reception.

Don’t expect to spend your time scrolling through Instagram, the teeniest trickle of wifi is not the most reliable.

If you want to play a game, it had better be made of cardboard.

But you know what, this place has something better than broadband.

It has this…

A front row seat to miles and miles of nothingness.

No people, no houses, no shops, no worries.

How about a quick tour of our cabin?

“Tucked away between the forest and the meadow’s edge.” This isĀ Birdwood.

A simple little wooden cabin room with just the bare necessities, along with an old heater that’ll keep you up all night (unless you want to wake up as a popsicle) and a bathroom you’ll catch your death in.

But it’s worth it, for this.

A window onto the most incredible view, and it’s own balcony overlooking the snow covered meadow below.

There’s a sign in reception saying instead of using wifi, go play outside.

And with good reason.

This place was made for exploring.

Grey scarf

White poloneck // White jumper

Vintage bag

Skinny jeans // Cosy boots

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We spent our few days here walking and having little adventures.

Occasionally joined by a new friend.

Around sunset we’d settle in with a good book or just sit back and enjoy the show.

And what a show it was…

Should you fancy following in our snowy footsteps, you can book a stay at Engadine Lodge here.

It’s very basic, but lovely in its simplicity.

We weren’t aware that all meals would be served communally, as you’re encouraged to befriend the other guests. Being British I greeted this news with all the excitement of a surprise tax bill. Filled with a cold, sinking dread we took our seats, steeling ourselves for an evening from hell…

…and of course we needn’t have worried! Everyone was utterly charming, almost all Canadian (and I don’t think they make not-nice Canadians) so we had a whale of a time!

I would go back in a heartbeat.

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