Days on Meganissi, Greece

August is a funny time in Europe.

No-one seems to do any work whatsoever! Offices close down, the city streets empty, the world moves to the beach.

In the interest of making the most of this quiet period, I decided to do the same. I booked a villa in Greece, filled it with family and dropped off the map for a couple of weeks.

I chose one of my parent’s favourite Greek islands, one I’d never been to, called Meganissi.

It’s one you have to take a ferry to.

No airport, no chain shops, no supermarkets, no night clubs, no scene.

No worries.

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Villa Mavra is hidden away on a quiet bay of the already very quiet island.

I chose it for its pool and steps down to the sea, with its own little deck to tie up a boat.


With the mass exodus to the beach in August, European beaches can get a little crazy.

Every patch of sand is taken and covered in a bright towel, weighed down with sizzling flesh.

Greece is the ultimate escape from all of that. With so many islands to choose from, and so few people willing to venture further than the ones with airports, you can truly be alone here. Rent a little boat and find a new private bay for every day of your stay.

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Every day we moored at a new beach, leaping into endlessly deep clear waters that looked as shallow as a puddle.

Splashing about in our own private wonderland.

For lunch we’d chug over to a seaside restaurant.

Throw a waiter a rope and head on up to a paper covered table.

Seashell necklace

Striped sundress (also comes in pink, if you’re in the states!)

Stripe lined basket // Nude sandals

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Here we’d order up a storm, a table filled with starters to share and litres of iced local wine – about 3euros a jug.

Dips, starters, salads, calamari, moussaka, fresh fish, wine, 6 can eat themselves to a standstill and struggle to spend 100euros.

This is Europe as it used to be.

All polished off with iced cappuccinos and cold watermelon.

And followed by another swimming spot.

Days were spent on the boat, late afternoons at the villa.

Where we’d focus on strictly intellectual, grown up pursuits.

Incase you were wondering how this ended…

But we tried, tried again.

With much more success.

We spent time combing beaches for shells and pretty pebbles.

Chatted with our feet in the waves and generally took things easy.

Slow living at its finest.

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There aren’t very many restaurants to choose from on Meganissi, but I do have two favourites for lunch that you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Taverna Niagas. Take a boat, lots of great swimming nearby.
  2. Il Paradiso, also good to boat to, but easy to drive or bike too. Very simple, very good. Run by George, who rescues all the animals he comes across!

Take a handful of your favourite people.

And take it easy.

A great place to get back to basics and focus on what matters.

Simple pleasures.

When day slips into the night there’s another story…

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…but I’ll save that for another time.


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