The days are growing shorter.

The nights a little longer.

And both are altogether a little colder.

Soon enough you’ll find yourself wanting to cosy up with someone, sit hand in hand, glass of wine in the other, while the rain pours outside.

I know just the place.

One of London’s cosiest restaurants.

All the charm of the French countryside, this side of the channel.

Le Poule Au Pot is something of a Pimlico institution.

A favourite of locals, but well worth a trip if you live a little further afield.

Full of cosy little corners, the gloomy mix of dark interiors, flickering candlelight and lace filtered windows makes everything look like an old painting of a long forgotten place.

Meals start as all good French stories do, with champagne, proper carbs and butter.

My date ops for scallops swimming in lemon butter.

Seared to perfection, a beautiful classic.

While I choose something a little more buttery!

Plump snails in a pool of garlic butter.

Made for dipping.

He chooses the classic, Poule Au Pot.

Which comes falling off the bone, served with veg and decadent dauphinoise potatoes.

While I have duck, drowned in the most spectacular sauce, with fried fluffy potatoes for mopping up.

A perfect Sunday lunch, if you’re looking for one.

Pudding, this time, was a shared affaire.

The best tart tatin you will ever have.

With a scoop of vanilla.

Just what Autumn calls for.

Put Poule Au Pot at the top of your To Do list. Go on a date, go with friends or take mum and dad. Great place for meat eaters and wine lovers, though I took a vegetarian the other day who loved it. Might be tricky for vegans.

Find them on the border of Pimlico, Belgravia and Chelsea:

231 Ebury St, Belgravia, London SW1W 8UT

Open for lunch and dinner every day until late. Book a table! 020 7730 7763

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