Fisherman’s Friend, Meganissi

If when you go to Meganissi, you’re going to want a boat.

There’s just too much of the island to explore that you can’t get to on wheels.

For many this means glossy super yachts, slicing through the sea like hot butter by day, lighting up the port by night with their neon undercarriages and thumping music floating across the bay.

Same here.

This is your captain speaking, smooth seas ahead!

Ok, so I may have borrowed a fishing boat from the harbour.

But I took to it like a duck to water.

Striped maxi dress – UK/US (very swishable)

Big straw hat // Striped basket

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Didn’t catch too many fish though.

Instead we used it as our picnic boat.

Striped swimsuit

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Sturdier than a rib, better for reading and snoozing on.

I can see why fishermen prefer them.

Once we’d tire of a bay, having snorkled every inch, we’d move on to another.

Slicing through the waves like a blunt knife through tomatoes.

It was slow going, but enjoyably so.

We alternated swimming with picnicking, reading and snoozing.

Moving on between courses.

Sailing just slowly enough not to spill the wine.


The perfect way to while away a summer’s day.

Give Paul a ring on that number ^ and take Delfini out for a spin.

Picnic thoroughly recommended, Greek wine even more so.

It’s what summers are all aboat!

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