I’ve told you about BAO before. The little steamed bun restaurant taking Soho by storm.

Well, it’s growing.

They have now have a bun shop in Fitzrovia too, and another on the way – a bun in the oven, if you will.

 The uninitiated may walk past the unimposing restaurants without so much as a second glance, but as a friend of mine, you know better.

Wherever you see this sign…

Stop! And go in.

Like a moth to a flame*.

*Though I don’t recommend throwing yourself at the glass repeatedly. The door will do just fine.

At each BAO you’ll find bar seating and maybe a couple of small tables – at Fitzrovia they’re hidden away downstairs.

The menu is short and sweet.

But today I have the best sort of suggestion for you.

An off menu suggestion. *Dramatic music*

If you snag yourself a seat at the Fitzrovia shop, ask for “a mini bao set” along with a few of the classics – the soy pork loin, the prawn tartar and perhaps a cocktail or two.

The rhubarb spritz is my personal favourite, and not just because it matches my outfit.

In the blink of an eye the cutest bao you ever did see lined up like soldiers.

Along side the classics.

The famous fried chicken, with hot sauce and egg yolk.

Soy pork loin with chives.

Really exceptionally good, don’t miss.

Prawn tartar, hidden in a nest of raw potato noodles – significantly better than it sounds, trust me!

A full sized beef shortrib bun.

For scale.

Each little bao is perfect in its own way, and the mini size is a great way to try them all without keeling over.

The very best, in my opinion, is the black battered cod.

If you’re a fan of fish finger sandwiches (which is a bit like saying “if you’re a fan of breathing”) then this one is for you.

All polished off with delicious peanut ice cream in a rather strange blanket.

I should have done what my father does, rather than order pudding just have the main again!

You’ll find the mini-bao set at the Fitzrovia BAO. They have a few bookings available downstairs, with the rest saved for walk-ins. The turn around is pretty fast so don’t be put off from waiting if you arrive to a queue. Website for bookings and directions here.

For now the mini baos are just for lunch, but with how popular they’ll be that’s baond to change soon.


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