Mother’s Day is fast approaching!

(It’s on the 26th for us Brits, incase you needed a nudge.)

Naturally you love mum every day of the year, but on this particular day you get to really show it! Really make a fuss of her, spoil her rotten.

Take her out for a spot of shopping, perhaps?

Michael Kors are putting on a little shindig to celebrate mums everywhere.

They invited me down to their glittering new store on Regent St for a look around and a pre-mother’s day shop. (Sadly I won’t be with mum this year, so I thought it would be better to be prepared!)

Needless to say, it was love at first sight.

Navy trench coat // Navy jumper

Mercer bag // Guitar strap

White jeans // Love jumper // Floral shirt

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It didn’t take me long to get a handle on things.

  Mia bag

Can you tell I appreciated the colour palette?

We hunted high and low for the perfect Mother’s Day treat.

But I’m sure you can guess what really lured me in…

A girl can never have too many, right?!

I think mum would love the idea of a timeless, beautifully crafted classic, brought up to date with an embellished guitar strap.

The question is… tan, like mine? Or true blue?

She’ll have to wait and see!


Of course if you make a trip all the way there, it’d be rude not to take a little look for yourself too!

“I spy shoes!”

Be still my beating heart.

Naturally I fell head first into the world of spring slip ons.

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But you’ll have to wait and see which I chose, and for who!

Now, I may have gotten somewhat distracted along the way… but Michael Kors sponsored this post to talk about their Mother’s Day celebrations. So here’s the lowdown.

Pay a visit to Michael Kors on Regent St on Mother’s Day weekend, buy a gift for mum (anything you like!) and stop by the adorable little flower stall for a free bouquet. Grace & Thorn (the flower girls) will also host a free bouquet making workshop on Saturday 23rd, which you can sign up for in store.

Can’t you just imagine her face? A Michael Kors shopping bag – overflowing with wrapping paper! – and a hand tied bouquet of wild flowers.

Nothing less than she deserves, of course.

I’ve popped a few of my fave gift options below, incase you want to do a little planning – or shopping!

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Once you’ve shopped, I have just the place for you to drop.

You know where I’m going to suggest for tea, right? You’ve been following for long enough to know!

My (and everyone’s) favourite, Sketch.

For tea in the pink jewellery box.

And a toast to mums everywhere!

A thank you for making us, loving us, advising us, supporting us, listening to us, and putting up with teenage us – that can’t have been easy!


Sketch’s Mother’s Day tea is better than ever. New cakes, new sandwiches (warm melty truffle croque monsieur?! I mean come on!) all combined with the classics.

Afternoon tea of dreams.

Did I mention it’s refillable? You’d better make the most of those truffle sandwiches!


Be sure to book in as soon as you can, Mother’s Day is bound to be busy.

And save a seat for your blooms.

A bloomin’ perfect Sunday if you ask me!

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