Best Healthy Brunch in New York

You know me.

I’m not into healthy for the sake of healthy. It has to actually taste good, the healthy aspect should be secondary to flavour.

Which is why I’m quite so excited to share this spot with you!

After a few days of gorging ourselves in New York, we were ready for a change of pace. Starting with a lazy Sunday stroll around the hood.

Bow tie striped shirt // Skinny jeans

Over the knee boots // Sunnies

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Wrapped up against the unseasonable cold in a military coat.

And sporting a new tweed, pearl embellished handbag (that I can’t get enough of!)

A far cry from the high-end prices you’re used to, but just as pretty in my opinion!

Go on, check out where it’s from. You’ll never guess… UK here, US here.

Unbelievable, right?! They’re impossible to find in store (I tried) as apparently they’re ltd.ed. so be quick about ordering.

But let’s get onto the important stuff.


A brunch spot in Soho where you can book a table (even on the weekend!) no less.

Welcome to the achingly hip, De Maria.

Where breakfast is an art form.

Taste the rainbow!

But that would be a shame because it truly is spectacularly good.

A beautiful blend of flavours, textures and colour.

Avocado toast of dreams.

Topped with lavender cured salmon and honey egg.

All followed by the somewhat less virtuous (but unbelievably good) Breaded Pork Cutlet Sandwich with tonkatsu sauce, watercress & fermented cabbage.

Fermented cabbage. So it’s still good for you!

Try and bag a table beside the window (great people watching), order a couple of coffees, at least one pineapple turmeric tonic and get stuck in!

I’m really not kidding when I say that I think this is the best healthy brunch spot in New York.

It’s new, fresh, set up by awesome women, laid back, friendly, stunningly beautiful inside and did I mention you can actually book a table?

Because you can.

Online. Scroll to the bottom, hit “reserve”.

When you’re done you can stroll off into Soho and enjoy the free art plastered all over the walls.

Bags of fun!

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