Apple Picking, New England

Apple picking was high on our list of priorities during our time in New England.

On the day we set off on our roadtrip we all said that a sunny autumn day, strolling through crisp orchards, nibbling apples plucked from the trees (along with a few apple cider donuts, naturally) would pretty much constitute peak “Fall” and would have to be done!

Well, we didn’t quite get our sunny day. Instead we climbed up into the mists and got stuck in anyway.

Better together!

Carly drove up to meet us and together with our chaps, we marched off into the dewey orchard.


Which, as it happens, was filled to the brim with all sorts of imaginatively named varieties.

My personal favourite being…

Carly's Angels

The name’s Pie. Apple Pie.


Apples for miles  Apple picking in the mist

A thick blanket of fog hung over the treetops, muffling any sound, hiding the sun and any passing birds.

Misty orchard, Vermont

Completely alone on the farm (odd that wet misty mornings aren’t more popular, I know) we felt as though we were in our own little world.

Complete with fairytale apples.


Of which we picked as many as we could carry!

Gingham all wrapped up


Apple picking (and eating!) in the mountains

And I was only responsible for eating half a bucket’s worth, honest.


Gingham & boots

Apple tossing

Friends that pick together stay together

Apple picking




Accessories don’t come much more autumnal than Silver May’s acorn necklace.

Silver May Acorn

Although you’re going to love these!

Apple picking in Fall

Julia’s shirt // Orange vest

Button up skirt // Hunter boots (US)

Carly’s shirt // Vest

Skirt // Riding boots

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Gingham wrap shirt

(there’s a surprise 40% sale that ends tomorrow, so check it out sharpish!)

Skinny jeans // Hunter boots (UK)

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Get out there and enjoy the crisp autumn weather

Just as we’d collected (and scarfed) our fill of apples, the sun finally broke through the clouds and beamed down upon us.

Gingham and boots

A little late in the day, but we weren’t complaining!

We used it as an excuse to practice our levitation techniques before Halloween…

BFF Goals


Back down at the farm we stocked up on local produce and a few essentials. (One of which being a jar of cider the size of Julia’s head, so I use “essentials” loosely.)



I stumbled across a new variety of apples, The Secret Rose.


Green on the outside, pink in the middle and deliciously sweet.

Though not quite as sweet as the matching “apple picker” jumpers we picked up nearby!


With a side of cider and donuts for the road.

Don't grow up, it's a trap!

Things went downhill pretty fast after that… or I did, at least!


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