German Roadtrip, Part 3

We only had one morning left of our long weekend in Germany, and I was determined to make the most of it.

We crept out of our little hotel in the dark and drove like the wind, desperate to beat the sun to Hohenzollern.


For this view.


A fairytale castle, peeking out above the woodland canopy, surrounded by the sunrise and fluffy pink clouds.

We spread a coat out on the frosted ground, leant against an old tree trunk, snuggled up and watched the show.

I even took the drone for a spin… (press play)

How about a Walt-z? 🍂🏰🐭🍁🇩🇪

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Once the sun was well and truly up, the birds twittering and our stomachs rumbling, we headed back down the hill.

Where we met a few friendly locals.


Who, oddly enough, we’re completely unimpressed and uninterested in the fairy castle behind them.


They rolled their eyes and tutted “tourists” as we continued to be wowed by the surrounding landscape coming to life around us.



We behaved with all of the restraint and decorum you’ve come to know me for.


And recreated The Sound Of Music in the meadow.




Before hopping into the car and racing off to our next and final stop.


Waving goodbye to Burg Hohenzollern as we went.


Our next stop, was Schloss Lichtenstein.

One of the lesser known, rarely mentioned castles of Bavaria. Which is unfair if you ask me, because it was my favourite.

Perched on a knife edge, overlooking a valley thick with trees.


Complete with a drawbridge.


How could you possibly not fall in love with this place?


I’d move in in a heartbeat.

There are even pretty little cottages for guests, if you’d like to come stay?


I’ll grow my hair out and beg you to call me Rapunzel!


Wrapped up warm in

Camel coat (perfect cut + v affordable)

Black poloneck // Black jeans

Jimmy Choo boots // Chanel bag

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There’s a little restaurant on site with magnificent views of the valley below.


But much more importantly they have spectacular apple cake and thick hot chocolate.


The cherry on top of a fantastic weekend.

If you’ve never considered a road trip through Germany, think again. It really was wonderful.

If you don’t know where to start give our route a go, it’s almost a perfect circle and will drop you off right back in Munich and you can do it in 2 or 3 days.

Obviously there’s loads more of Germany to see (and I plan to try!) but it was the perfect little taster trip.  We’re already talking about Oktoberfest next year, so you know it must have made an impression!

Just be sure to wear comfy trousers. You’re going to need them with all that strudel.

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