First Taste of Vermont

I have longed to visit New England in the fall for as long as I can remember.

Don’t get me wrong, Autumn at home is wonderful… but as with everything in America, they just do it bigger!

Bigger colours, never ending landscapes, new flavours, fiercer weather, lots of everything. 

I still have a few posts to share from Boston, but honestly I’ve been itching to share our American roadtrip and just can’t wait any longer.

The drive from Boston upto Burlington was excruciatingly wonderful! Watching the colours change before our very eyes, the leaves get more and more vibrant, the views opening up along side the road.

I wanted to stop every few feet to roll around in them, but we were on a deadline. We arrived at the airport just in time to collect Thomas and Julia, nip to the hotel to drop off our stuff and together we all headed out to start our autumnal adventure.

BFF adventures

Happy to be reunited and excited for what was to come…

New England in the Fall

We went for a drive.

Pulling off now and then, when ever something caught our fancy.

And alpacas always catch Julia’s attention!


She and Thomas raced off to meet the fluffballs, while my fella and I took a stroll around the property.

Alpaca Farm in the Fall

Floored by the scale of the landscape around us.


Alpacas in New England

After enough alpaca tickling to keep Jules content, we continued onto Shelburne.

Shelburne Store selling pumpkins

Where I discovered “Maple Creamies”, much to everyone else’s amusement.

Ice-Cream in Autumn

What we call Whippies/Softies, they call Creamies. And in Vermont they’re made with real cream and real maple syrup.

A true revelation!

Hooded Red Coat and Gelato!

Shelburn doesn’t have much to offer, but what it does have is unequivocally adorable.

Shelburne, New England

Particularly in golden carpet season.

Maple Leaves in Autumn

Walking in Crunchy leaves!

We couldn’t resist…

Gingham Shirt and Tartan Scarf for Autumn

Red hooded coat

Gingham shirt // Skinny jeans

Kiss Me Darcy flats // Gucci bag

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Tweed blazer (similar)

Poloneck // Brown skirt

Chestnut boots (UK/US) // Handbag

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New England Farm in the Fall

We journeyed on a little further to Shelburn Farms.

Skipping the petting zoo for a stroll and a proper catch up.


I missed this little one ^!



Walking in an Autumn wonderland!

Red Coat and Orange Tweed Jacket for Fall

New England in the Fall

All the way down to the lake.


Gingham Shirt

Savouring the crisp sunshine.



There’s an Inn on the water’s edge where you can toast gently beside the fire, sip on mint juleps, or just pour a cup of tea.


We took ours out into the garden, pulling up a circle of deck chairs beneath an oak tree.

Afternoon Tea in Autumn

Revived and somewhat peckish, we went in search of Apple Cider Doughnuts (another Vermont speciality) at Shelburne Orchards.


Oh my gourdness, this place was gorgeous!


Apple picking, pumpkins, maple syrup, donuts, cider, this place as everything “fall” you could ever ask for!

Pumpkin Picking in a Red Coat

Cute Pumpkins!

We filled mugs with hot apple cider (which isn’t alcoholic in the states, really a sort of mulled apple juice) and took a bag of donuts to go.

Fall style

Hot Cider and Donuts

Of course there were those who were somewhat jealous of our haul…

Tartan Scarf and some Donuts

So we ate the rest on our travels.


We caught the very last on the sunshine on the way home, climbing to the top of the hill to watch it go down.

Gingham Shirt and a hair flick!

I spy my Silver May acorn necklace hidden away up there… ^

We reached the hotel just before it got dark.

A little Relais & Chateau spot called The Pitcher Inn.


Each bedroom is uniquely decorated and sort of becomes its own little world.

We opted for the “Mountain” room. Complete with sitting room, open fire and a little wooden cabin to sleep in.

The Pitcher Inn - Vermont

While my inner child was squealing with the delight, the adult in me was busy swooning over the steamroom shower and bath.


Which is going firmly on the list for when I build my dream house!

The Pitcher Inn - Vermont

We spotted the sweetest gift basket, stuffed with local treats.


So lit the fire, called the others to come join us for a pj party and got stuck in.

I can’t even begin to imagine a better start to our trip.

Pop back for the next chapter tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after… I’ve got lots of adventures for you to come on!

In the meantime check out Julia’s pics!

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