Upper West Side Brunch, New York

There’s a real shortage of fun brunch spots in “Uptown” New York.

Just a few choice places seem to have the monopoly, otherwise you have to go Downtown.

But there’s a new spot!

We walked from the East Side to the West to get there.

New York brunch -1

And just in front of Yoko’s apartment, beside Strawberry Fields, we found it.

The Ribbon. (Yes, of the Blue Ribbon family… so you know it’s good!)

We ordered a feast of brunchables.

New York brunch -2

And a much needed iced coffee!

New York brunch -3

Much needed.

New York brunch -4

But knowing you, you’ll want to know about the food!

New York brunch -5

We got all the good stuff.

New York brunch -6

Chilaquiles Roja – Tortilla chips, avocado, salsa, fried egg.

A sort of deconstructed huevos rancheros, but better for sharing!

New York brunch -7

Prime Rib Poutine- French fries, caramelised onions, cheddar gravy (yes that’s a thing!), fried egg.

Why have a kale smoothie when you can have THAT?!

New York brunch -8

Baked eggs.

Meh, skip this.

New York brunch -9

Avocado toast.

Of course!

I’ve saved the best til last…

New York brunch -11

Cheese spaetzle.

Like mac ‘n’ cheese, but better! Rich, comforting, cheesy, just the sort of qualities one strives for in a husband in fact.

My maybe-one-day-husband-but-not-quite-yet and I tucked in and enjoyed our lazy weekend feast.

New York brunch -10

Taking the long way home to ease off all that cheese!


New York brunch -13

Striped blazer

Button up cami (similar) // Jeans

Nude flats – UK/US

New York brunch -15

New York brunch -16

Just what the Upper West Side needed, and exactly what I needed on a grey Saturday!

Ribbon is well worth a visit if you’re in the area, and any Blue Ribbon is always worth a visit wherever you are.

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