Sunset in Venice

Sundown in Venice means one thing…

…It’s rooftop bellini time.

Sunset in Venice-1

Becoming part of the furniture at our Bauer hotel!

Sunset in Venice-2

We stepped out into the warm evening light, keen to drink in some of the timeless views.

Sunset in Venice-4

All brought to life by that glittering, golden light.

Sunset in Venice-5

We met the others on the roof terrace, overlooking The Grand Canal.

Sunset in Venice-6

Wearing a party dress from one of my favourite party dress brands.

Very few people “get” little summer dresses quite like chicwish.

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Sunset in Venice-7

Lace pink dress (backless!)

Striped blazer // Pink Chanel bag

Pink Charlotte Olympia sandals

Sunset in Venice-8

Bellinis the colour of the setting sun arrived, and we toasted to the sky.

Sunset in Venice-9

Braving the determined wind in true British style!

Sunset in Venice-10

Sunset in Venice-11

Julia and I bonded over a love of peach bellinis in Florence, and it’s a tradition we love to keep alive.

Ordering them at every opportunity that presents itself.

Sunset in Venice-12

Sunset in Venice-13

Once the sun dipped below the horizon, we followed it downstairs.

Sunset in Venice-14

Wandering the winding Venetian streets, over canals and crumbling bridges.

Sunset in Venice-15

Sunset in Venice-16

In search of a little restaurant called Ivo.

Sunset in Venice-17

A tiny little place, you might stroll by if you didn’t know.

But now you do, so don’t!

Sunset in Venice-18

They have some of the best seafood risotto (a must in Venice) and truffle pasta you’ll come across.

Sunset in Venice-20 Sunset in Venice-21

It’s not touristy at all, just filled with foodies.

The waiter will appear to rattle off the specials, carrying a chalkboard enrobed in gold.

Have whatever he recommends, he’ll tell you what’s especially good that day.

And for pudding make sure you try the gelato and of course, the tiramisu.

Sunset in Venice-22

The tiramisu was so good it didn’t even stick around for a picture.

Sunset in Venice-23

We ordered one more round, one more bottle and laughed late into the night.

Sunset in Venice-24

We were sent away with teeny tiny choc-ices.

Arm in arm we sang “That’s AmorĂ©!” in our finest Italian accents, all the way home to the hotel.

My chap and I haven’t done too many double-date trips together before, and I can’t tell you what fun it was.

To travel and immerse yourselves in other cultures with people you adore, really does seem to be what life is all about!

More Italian adventures tomorrow…

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