Now, you should know that taking a water taxi into Venice is not the cheapest way to arrive.

In fact it’s bloody expensive.

But you also need to know that it is worth every penny!

Never will you feel more like James Bond than the moment you emerge onto the glittering Grand Canal in your glossy, mahogany speed boat.

Venice Blog -1

Slicing through the water like a hot knife through butter, sailing past palaces, houses and monuments.

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Venice Blog -2

Prepare yourself for gasps, squeels of “oh, look!” and “oh wow!” as you rush to drink it all in at once.

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You’ll pass gondolas bobbing on the waves, gondoliers in striped jumpers and many a wide eyed tourist.

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All too soon we found ourselves pulling into a side street canal, as our hotel loomed above.

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Venice Blog -10

We had arrived at The Bauer Palazzo.

I jumped off before the suitcases and made a beeline for our room. Keen to check out our new digs!

Venice Blog -11

Enrobed in blue silk with pink velvet pops, they certainly did not disappoint.

Venice Blog -12

Though the view really stole the show.

Venice Blog -13

Our own little Venetian paradise, away from the hustle and bustle below.

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Venice Blog -15

After a quick freshen up we popped down to the terrace for lunch, where we were greeted by another jaw-dropper of a view.

Venice Blog -16

Venice Blog -17

Our friends joined us and we could barely contain our excitement!

Venice Blog -18

Julia is a friend from the states, if you’ve been following for a while then you’ll have met her before.

She’s the blogger behind Gal Meets Glam, and is one half of one of my favourite couples. Her husband Thomas traveled with us, but much like my chap, he prefers to stay behind the camera!

Venice Blog -19

Thomas and my fella are as close as Julia and I are, so we make quite the travel companions.

As the famous saying goes, When in Rome do as the Romans do.

When in Venice, order squid ink pasta! (Slightly lesser known, but still very good advice.)

Venice Blog -20

We all shared an array of pasta dishes, starting a theme of over ordering that would last throughout our trip!

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Venice Blog -22

After lunch we strolled out to take in the Venetian sights, streets and canals.

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Venice Blog -24

Stopping off at the oldest cafe in the world; Cafe Florian.

It opened on Piazza San Marco on 29th December 1720 and soon became a favorite haunt for many a playwright, artist and author.

The only cafe to allow women, it was famously popular with Casanova too.

We like it for… other reasons…

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Venice Blog -29

High on sugar and giddy with excitement, we wound our way through alleys and streets.

Soon becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of tourists, the noise and the intensity of the mid-day crowds, we made our way back to the main river.

Where you can breathe easy and luxuriate in open space.

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Venice Blog -31

Here we hopped on a boat and made our way over to Giudecca Island.

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Here you can gain a unique perspective on the magical city of Venice.

It seems more beautiful from afar, the light dances on the stone and with a light breeze whipping along the canal, it all seems rather dreamlike.

Venice Blog -35

It’s also much easier to relax and enjoy yourselves away from the hustle and bustle of cruiseship tours and school trips.

Venice Blog -36

Striped blazer // Silk cami

White denim skirt // Navy slippers

White handbag // Silver May necklace

Venice Blog -37

Red dress (sold out – similar)  // Straw hat

Chanel shoes

There are lots of places along the waterfront to grab a drink, an ice-cream or a bite to eat.

Venice Blog -38

All with some of the best views in town.

Venice Blog -39

We snuck into the gardens of The Bauer Palladio gardens to enjoy a little afternoon patch of sunshine.

Venice Blog -40

And meet the ever so charming Roger.

Venice Blog -41

Venice Blog -42

Venice Blog -43

We relaxed with the place to ourselves and unwound in the warmth of the afternoon.

Venice Blog -44

Venice Blog -45

Venice Blog -46

Eventually making our way back to the river and waving down a shuttle boat back to the mainland.

Venice Blog -47

White + tan handbag // Chain version

Venice Blog -48

Quite the start to our Italian adventure!

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