Elizabethan Disco

If you follow me on Snapchat (firstly please forgive my constant ramblings on there!) you’ll know I had a bit of an unusual fashion conundrum.

My good friend Emma’s birthday was fast approaching and I had nothing to wear.

I don’t mean “nothing to wear” in the traditional “staring at a closet full of clothes, nothing to wear” way either.

The party was themed.

Potentially the greatest party theme of all time, as it happens.

“Studio 1554”

Think Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I popping out for a boogie with Warhol and Grace Jones at Studio 54.

Awesome, I know. But somewhat tricky!

The day before the party involved sewing, delivery men and frantic races around fancy dress shops. It all came together at the very last minute and off we raced to the ball.

Longleat party - disco hollogram!

The disco ball!

Now, you’re going to have to excuse my fuzzy photos, the whole night was a bit of a blur anyway… so perhaps they’re quite fitting.

As you came in through the doors of Longleat (Emma’s home) you dropped off your gift and pushed through heavy velvet curtains into the party.

Naturally E and I found each other within seconds, shrieked, kissed and flung ourselves into the “photobooth” set up on the stairs.

Longleat party

Birthday girl in Vivienne Westwood, sparkling Louboutins and more diamonds than the Queen.

Handmaiden in sequined mini dress, sparkling Louboutins, antique collar, much admired tiara – amazingly easy to attach and looks beautiful up close.

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My chap wore home sewn flares, a huge ruffle shirt open to the waist and a big gold medallion. But as always he stayed well away from the camera’s eye!

The same could never be said of Roger & Monty…

Longleat party

Party candles

After the snaps were taken, printed and stuck into the guest book we headed through into the party.

Beautiful waiters served incredible canapes, trays of lobster, truffles, the works. Iced champagne flowed like the Trevi Fountain.

100 fabulous guests in all their fancy dress finery mingled, chatted, and danced.

Studio 54 Party

One woman dressed in a full Anne Boleyn costume and looked incredible!

Others went all 70s but the theme was such a clever idea, it really brought people together and immediately broke the ice in a group who had largely never met before.

Before we knew it the gong sounded for dinner and off we went.

Longleat party

Linen table cloths piled high with roses, gilded fruit, twinkling candles and crystalware.

All centered around this cake

Rose cake

Longleat party

We each raced off to find our tables, filling the room with laughter and chaos.

Rose covered table

I found my spot and was quickly joined by The Birthday Girl, in her second gown of the evening.

Emma & Mark

Longleat party

After a vast meal speeches were made, musical chairs was quietly played among guests keen to chat to everyone.

But we were all quickly silenced by the most incredible drag queen you’ll ever see, who announced that Studio 54 was open!

Studio 54 Party

One of Longleat’s rooms had been transformed into the world famous night club, complete with 70s music, stacks of watermelon martinis, Lamé coated dancers and disco balls for days!

Studio 54 Party

^ Spot the wide eyed guests!

You don’t often see this sort of thing in Wiltshire after all!

The dancers were quickly followed by Rosanna and I, who couldn’t stop our dancing feet any longer.

Studio 54 Party

We were joined by the rest of the party, young and old, all shaking it to the cheesiest of 70s hits.

Studio 54 Party

Though I think we should take a moment to appreciate the charms of the staff…

Studio 54 Party

Later they all danced and took their tops off to “It’s Raining Men”. Hallelujah!

Studio 54 Party

The rest of the night was a blur of sequins and champagne.

We danced and danced until the sun came up.

Studio 54 Party

Studio 54 Party

Watermelon martinis

Studio 54 Party

Studio 54 Party

Studio 54 Party

Sequin mini dress

Studio 54 Party

Studio 54 Party

We cleared the stage as Emma emerged in another creation, arm in arm with her hubby.

Studio 54 Party

We all took to the velvet sofas to watch.

Studio 54 Party

Studio 54 Party

Ceawlin made a touching speech about his babe of a wife, their gorgeous son, Happy Birthday rang out from the grinning crowd and that incredible birthday cake arrived with a million sparklers!

Studio 54 Party

We crawled home just as the sun was rising over Longleat, waved goodbye to the glowing house and I immediately fell asleep with my head out of the car window.

A sure sign of a great, great night!

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