Bagel Brunch, NYC

Great brunch spots in New York are a hot commodity.

Everyone needs one, everyone loves to share theirs, keep a few good recommendations up your sleeve and you can wow even the most hardened of New Yorkers and seasoned of travelers.

I’ve got a corker for you today, but we’ll get to that later.

We were lucky enough to just miss the worst of New York’s winter, and landed at the very dawn of spring.

New York Brunch -1

Meaning there’s still a chill in the air so you need a coat, but the streets are flooded in golden light.

New York Brunch -2

Crisp is too perfect of a word not to use. New York at its crispiest.

New York Brunch -3

Perfect Soho wandering weather.

New York Brunch -4

So, this brunch spot?

It’s a killer if you like bagels, which of course you do, who doesn’t?!

A world away from Blackseed Bagels (still my all time favourite), this place is fancier and somewhere to linger.

It’s called Sadelle’s.

New York Brunch -5

There’s a deli counter for takeout.

New York Brunch -6

New York Brunch -7

New York Brunch -8

Piled high with smoked fish, warm bagels, iced caviar and some of the best sticky cinnamon buns you’ll ever try.

Well worth getting one while you wait for your table!

New York Brunch -9

New York Brunch -10

New York Brunch -11

The interior is a Pinterest/Instagram dream world, filled with white marble, brick walls and pink cherry blossom.

There’s even a glass atrium where the bagels are made.

New York Brunch -12

It’s worth booking a table if you can, or get there early on a weekend. People queue around the block to get in.

New York Brunch -13

We took a seat on the mezzanine and settled in for a very lazy brunch.

New York Brunch -14

Sharing eggs royale,

New York Brunch -15

The fluffiest of American pancakes,

New York Brunch -16

And a tower of smoked salmon, cream cheese and bagels.

New York Brunch -17

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

When in New York, eat bagels.

New York Brunch -18

New York Brunch -19

So, next time someone asks “Hey, you know any cool brunch spots in NY?”

you can say-

“Hell yes I do! You should go for brunch at Sadelle’s.

and collect aaaallll of the cool points.

New York Brunch -20

After brunch we went for a sonderfahrt around Soho, in the early spring sunshine.

New York Brunch -21

New York Brunch -22

New York Brunch -23

And maybe checked out a few of the shops too!

New York Brunch -24

New York Brunch -25

Cashmere trench

Poloneck dress (worn with jeans in the cold, worn without when things warm up a bit!)

Blue jeans // Black ankle boots

Black belt // Black Boy bag

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New York Brunch -26

New York Brunch -27

New York Brunch -28

Sunnies // Old charm bracelet (similar)

Cold nose – model’s own

New York Brunch -29

More New York adventures tomorrow.

In the mean time, spill! What’s your go-to brunch spot?

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