Island Hopping, The Bahamas

Our last few days were spent in just the same way as all of our other days…

…picking up picnics from the yacht club, loading up the cooler and racing off to the most private beaches we could find.

Island Hopping - Bahamas-1

Island Hopping - Bahamas-2

Yellow sundress (half price)

Island Hopping - Bahamas-3

Island Hopping - Bahamas-4

Island Hopping - Bahamas-5

We’d throw the anchor in and throw ourselves in after, relishing the crystal clear, delicate blue of the shallows.

Island Hopping - Bahamas-6

Before returning to the boat to haul the cooler in and float it over to the shore.

Island Hopping - Bahamas-7

Island Hopping - Bahamas-8

Island Hopping - Bahamas-9

Sandwiches safely stowed away beneath a shady tree, we’d stretch out on towels and admire our new view.

Island Hopping - Bahamas-10

Island Hopping - Bahamas-11

I became utterly obsessed with a new book, and would only put it down for snacks, swims and to let my boyfriend catch up so we could dissect it!

It’s called The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair (a mouthful, I know).

You need to get your paws on it immediately! Make sure your other half, whether they’re your lover or your bestie, reads it at the same time. Trust me, you’re going to want someone to talk to about it!

Of course you’ll want some good snacks on hand too.

And snacks really don’t come any better than devouring watermelon with your butt in the sand.

Island Hopping - Bahamas-12

Island Hopping - Bahamas-13

We collected shells, swam with sharks and generally spoiled ourselves rotten, all in total seclusion.

Island Hopping - Bahamas-14

Old yellow bikini (similar)

Island Hopping - Bahamas-16

Island Hopping - Bahamas-17

Island Hopping - Bahamas-18

This trip was unlike any I’ve ever been on.

The Exumas were amazing, stunningly beautiful, jaw droppingly impressive, we were amazed each and every day by some new adventure.

But… we do love to be alone. It was very romantic and we’re used to spending a great deal of time together. I can see how it might drive some people a little stir crazy.

The food was appalling. Everything on Staniel Cay was frozen, defrosted, then deep fried. And you pay a great deal of money for the pleasure!

By booking our own villa we’d hoped to gorge ourselves on fresh fish and BBQ’d seafood, eat lots of fruit and veg. But it’s a very small island where everything has to be imported, so it either comes frozen or in a can. There are three little shops on the island where the staff are beyond lovely, you leave with sore cheeks from smiling… and a very light wallet!

The lack of health and safety precautions are a breath of fresh air, but sort of lull you into a false sense of security. We assumed if no-one had warned us about a popular spot being dangerous that it must be fine, and we came very close to drowning in one of the worst rip tides I’ve ever come across. (NB. If you go and plan on swimming at Thunderball Grotto only go at slack tide.)

I loved loved loved our trip, but I don’t know that I would do another week on Staniel Cay. I’m confident there are many more spots in The Bahamas that we’ll explore one day.

If I were you? I’d do a day trip to visit the piggies, or hire a boat and go there yourself.

If Staniel Cay is the one for you, make sure you hire a boat and go and find your own private paradise.

Island Hopping - Bahamas-19

We did, and it truly was heavenly!

Island Hopping - Bahamas-20

Island Hopping - Bahamas-21

Island Hopping - Bahamas-22

Doughnut float

Island Hopping - Bahamas-23

Despite my little grumbles, it really was the most incredible week.

We left feeling reborn, more in love than ever and ready to get back to city life.

All we needed was a little vitamin sea!

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