The Golden Hour, Kensington

Life has significantly slowed down.

I don’t know about you, but after the rush of spring and summer, I feel autumn is something of a cooling down period. Gently easing you into winter with shorter days, cold nights and (in London’s case) drizzle.

The golden, falling leaves almost insist that you have just one more ginger biscuit and the slippery streets tell you to slow down a bit, take your time (and have another ginger biscuit).

Autumn expeditions feel somewhat like floating in a sea of treacle. You couldn’t go anywhere fast, even if you wanted to.

Which I don’t.

I’m very much enjoying the change in pace, very much enjoying the grey weather and every possible excuse to stay inside and watch the rain.

The only downside is that I really don’t have very many adventures to tell you about! No waterfall hunting, flying picnics or boat parties, just outings between downpours, and evenings spent reading books or eating with friends.

One such outing was to crunch through some of Kensignton Garden’s finest gold scenery.

Autumn in London-1

With my two favourite chaps.

Mr Custard and Mr Londoner.

Autumn in London-2


Autumn in London-5

^ Totally unimpressed.

Autumn in London-6

I find it impossible to resist Britain’s changing seasons.

Even if you forget the countryside and visit the city’s parks, the transformation is breathtaking.

Autumn in London-7

Autumn in London-9

Making something as simple as a dog walk, a real treat to be savoured.

Autumn in London-10

Shearling gilet // Cosy jumper 

Grey jeans // Black rain boots 

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Autumn in London-11

Autumn in London-12

Especially when you’re walking this guy.

Autumn in London-13

Autumn in London-14

Autumn in London-15

Autumn in London-16

Autumn in London-17

Autumn in London-18

Autumn in London-19

Autumn in London-20

Autumn in London-21

Our walks take us around the ponds, which glow pink in the evening light.

Custard spends his time trying to befriend the swans, who hate him.

Autumn in London-22

Autumn in London-23

Autumn in London-24

Autumn in London-25

And eventually they swan off, leaving him gazing after them, wishing he could float.

Autumn in London-26

Autumn in London-27

Autumn in London-28

Autumn in London-29

We walk through the rustling trees.

Chasing each other and playing hide’n’seek.

Some are… better than others.


Autumn in London-31

Autumn in London-32

Autumn in London-33

Along The Serpentine, lined with gently glowing lanterns and flaming trees.

Autumn in London-34

Autumn in London-35

Autumn in London-36

Autumn in London-37

Autumn in London-38

And home through the autumn mists.

Autumn in London-39

I hope you’ll excuse my lack of recent adventures, but I’m rather enjoying London’s quiet beauty and the slow slip into winter.

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