Breakfast at The Eiffel Tower

If there’s one thing you simply must do on a trip to Paris, it’s pop out in the morning for fresh bread and croissants.

eiffel tower picnic-1

There are boulangeries on every corner, all selling the classics- baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolat, and a few pastries, biscuits and specials that they put their own unique twists on.

eiffel tower picnic-2

eiffel tower picnic-3

eiffel tower picnic-4

eiffel tower picnic-5

Pick up some coffee, maybe the papers… and now comes the first tough decision of the day; What to do with your warm, flakey pastries and crunchy fresh bread?

You could take them home and have breakfast in bed. Lounge in crisp sheets and watch the sun creeping across the floor through the open window.

Take them home and set the table in beautiful French family fashion. Flowers, jams, butter, a nice pot of tea. A true spread!

Treat yourself to a picnic. Sit on a Parisian bench and watch the world come to life, grab a blanket and stretch out on the grass, prop yourself up against a tree with a good book.

There is no wrong answer.

eiffel tower picnic-6

But on a day like this, we went for the final option.

Rented a couple of Vélibs (the bikes you see lined up by the pavements, very easy to borrow, just pop your card in and rent for the day or a couple of hours) filled our baskets and peddled off for a picnic.

eiffel tower picnic-7

eiffel tower picnic-8

eiffel tower picnic-9

Arriving at The Eiffel Tower just before the crowds.

eiffel tower picnic-10

Giving us the lady all to ourselves.

eiffel tower picnic-11

eiffel tower picnic-12

eiffel tower picnic-13

We chose a grassy spot and used the Mr’s coat as a blanket.

Kicked off our shoes and settled in!

eiffel tower picnic-14

eiffel tower picnic-15

As you can probably tell, I quite like picnics!

eiffel tower picnic-16

eiffel tower picnic-17

eiffel tower picnic-18

eiffel tower picnic-19

eiffel tower picnic-20

Giving the world the cold shoulder in my very best cosy jumper!

A total bargain, and a bit clever; you can wear it properly when it’s chilly, and when things heat up a little (or you walk into a heated office and immediately start melting) you can just let a shoulder fall off and cool down a little.

eiffel tower picnic-21

The sleeves are extra long and snuggly too.

I stocked up on a few colours!

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These guys really can’t be beaten for budget saving winter wear. Lots of friends have their coats and swear by them every year.

eiffel tower picnic-22

We slurped our coffees, and polished off our basket of carbs, with a pretty fantastic view.

eiffel tower picnic-23

Feeling totally stuffed we lay back and made shapes from passing clouds.

Cuddled up and watched the treetops swaying.

And then fled the scene as the busses full of people arrived and flooded the area.

eiffel tower picnic-24

On our trusty steeds!

eiffel tower picnic-25

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Camel hat // Cream knit jumper

White jeans // Camel boots (HS option)

Suede bag

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Let’s not mention the black socks, ok? I didn’t have any white ones!

eiffel tower picnic-26

Ready to set off for another day of Parisian adventures!

eiffel tower picnic-27

eiffel tower picnic-28

A picnic in Paris is compulsory.

You can make it as fancy or as simple as you like. Do it with your bestie, your other half, or your family. Do it whether you’re young or just young at heart. And do it for any meal of the day.

Find a quiet little garden, or head to The Eiffel Tower… whatever you do, promise me you’ll send me a snap?


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