Marché Gourmande, France

It felt like forever since I’d been on a family holiday.

I travel lots of course, but family hols are different.

There’s something so special about going on an adventure with your closest loved ones. The people who know you the best and love you without reservations.

To be able to experience different cultures, new places, mishaps and new views with these people… well, isn’t that what life’s really about?

We didn’t go far! Choosing rural France over any far-flung-tropical island.

Packed up the car, stuffing it with things we didn’t need, and drove down through the glorious French countryside. We stopped off in restaurants along the way and finally arrived at the house, in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the Lot Valley.

How to spend our first morning was an obvious choice, a market in a nearby village, perched on top of a hill.

French Holiday-1

French Holiday-2

Lauzerte is a typically pretty French village.

French Holiday-3

Cobbled streets, sandstone walls, painted shutters, and that inexplicably blue French sky.

French Holiday-4

French Holiday-5

French Holiday-6

French Holiday-7

French Holiday-8

There’s a little church, flooded with stained light.

French Holiday-9

French Holiday-10

French Holiday-11

French Holiday-12

French Holiday-13

French Holiday-14

And a market square, hidden through a maze of winding streets.

French Holiday-15

French Holiday-16

We descended like hungry locusts!

French Holiday-17

French Holiday-18

French Holiday-19

French Holiday-20

French Holiday-21

French Holiday-22

French Holiday-23

French Holiday-24

French Holiday-25

French Holiday-26

French Holiday-27

French Holiday-28

French Holiday-29

French Holiday-30

French Holiday-31

French Holiday-32

French Holiday-33

Having bought enough fruit, cheese, bread and veggies to feed the French army, the girls made a beeline for the baskets.

French Holiday-34

Well, we’d need something to carry all that food in, wouldn’t we?

French Holiday-35

French Holiday-36

French Holiday-37

French Holiday-38

Yellow shirt dress (petite option) // Flower sandals

Gold sunnies // Stacked bangles

We chatted and agonised over the perfect straw baskets, as the chaps rolled their eyes and yawned.

French Holiday-39

French Holiday-40

French Holiday-41

^ Dad being sold on the quality of the baskets.

We each chose our prize, and moved on for drinks and nibbles elsewhere.

French Holiday-42

Peeping into open windows to catch glimpses of village life.

French Holiday-43

French Holiday-44

French Holiday-45

French Holiday-46

French Holiday-47

And over walls to drink in the views.

French Holiday-48

French Holiday-49

French Holiday-50

We met a grand total of six Custard look-a-likes, and a handful of other cuties.

French Holiday-51

Stopped off for frosty drinks in the shade.

French Holiday-52

French Holiday-53

And mapped out future plans.

French Holiday-54

French Holiday-55

All overseen by the boss.

French Holiday-56

Just kidding, we all know Mum’s the boss!

French Holiday-57

We headed home for lunch and feasted on our market finds.

The perfect start to our countryside adventure in France!

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