If a Moroccan Shakshuka had a passionate affair with a Full English, this would be the resulting love child.

One Pan English Breakfast-1

Everything you love from both sides, all coming together in one glorious pan.

One Pan English Breakfast-2

Eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, tomato, with none of the frying, none of the hob juggling and barely any of the washing up.

Too good to be true?

Too good to be good?

Oh ye of little faith! Trust me, this’ll be the best breakfast you’ve had all year.

I’ll tell you how to make it for one, then you can multiply as needed. Grab:

2 free-range chipolata sausages

1 handful of bacon bits/chopped up pancetta

Third of a tin of chopped tomatoes

Third of a tin of baked beans

1tsp chilli flakes

1tsp smoked paprika

2 free-range eggs

Sprinkle of herbs (I like thyme, because who doesn’t need a little extra thyme in the mornings?)


Optional: Hot sauce, bread, ketchup.

Equipment: A smallish ovenproof dish (I like these)

Pre-heat your oven to 18oC/350F. Pop your sausages in.

One Pan English Breakfast-3

Take them out after 10mins, add your bacon.

One Pan English Breakfast-4

Remove after 10, or until this happens:

One Pan English Breakfast-5

Add your toms.

One Pan English Breakfast-6

Add your beans.

One Pan English Breakfast-7

Sprinkle with chilli and paprika.

One Pan English Breakfast-8

Stir about.

One Pan English Breakfast-9

Crack in two eggs.

One Pan English Breakfast-10

Bake for 10-15mins or until the white is fully cooked.

Crack over a dusting of pepper, snow with herbs & serve with a cuppa!

One Pan English Breakfast-11

Crack into those runny yolks, dig into those sausages and mop up that cheeky sauce.

One Pan English Breakfast-12

One Pan English Breakfast-13

One Pan English Breakfast-14

Quick, easy, stuffed with antioxidants, fibre, B vitamins (brain food) and protein.

You’ll never bother with a fry-up again!

All together now;

“Don’t go bacon my heart! I couldn’t if I fried…”

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