French Adventures

This is a long post, so pace yourself! Grab a cuppa and maybe biscuit?

Rude not to, eh?

Without much of a plan, we headed out into the wilds of The Lot Valley to see what we would see.

Surrounded by glorious fields of French sunflowers, we couldn’t resist running and dancing through them in the last of the summer sunshine.

French Holiday-1

French Holiday-2

French Holiday-3

Armful of Silver May bangles (but I’m ‘armless really!)

French Holiday-4

French Holiday-5

French Holiday-6

We wandered the valley, stopping off in Cahors and heading right on through to the river.

French Holiday-7

We pulled off and bounced along a dirt road, hoping to find a swimming spot.

French Holiday-8

We hit the jackpot, stumbling across a disused deck, and a shuttered up old canoeing shop.

French Holiday-9

French Holiday-10

All that was left was to strip off and jump in!

French Holiday-11

We let dad go first.

French Holiday-12

But Emma (Harry’s girlfriend, my sister outlaw) and I quickly followed suit!

French Holiday-13

Much to Custard’s utter dismay.

French Holiday-14

French Holiday-15

French Holiday-16

French Holiday-17

French Holiday-18

Soon enough we were all in, splashing around, spinning and playing like a family of otters.

French Holiday-19

My fella and my mum stayed dry and snapped away as the rest of us took running leaps into the fresh, cool river.

French Holiday-20

French Holiday-21

French Holiday-22

French Holiday-23

French Holiday-24

French Holiday-25

Poor Custard!

Too fearful to jump, he watched his two favourite people disappear into the abyss!

He stood howling on the deck and lay with his head on his paws until we got out again.

We all clambered back into the car with wet hair and aching cheeks from too much laughing.

And we climbed up, into the mountains.

French Holiday-26

Where we stumbled upon Saint Cirq Lapopie.

French Holiday-27

A medieval town, perched on a cliff edge.

Just the spot for a spot of lunch.

French Holiday-28

French Holiday-29

French Holiday-31

We sat under the on the terrace under the vines and gorged ourselves on local delicacies.

The storm clouds which had been quietly gathering overhead, suddenly burst.

Showering the little village in a month’s rain, all at once!

French Holiday-30

The smell of hot stone suddenly being sloshed with fresh rain wafted in on the breeze.

The herbs and vines found a new lease on life and filled the air with their scent.

We ordered more cider, more wine, and more profiteroles!

French Holiday-32

Which we walked off, groaning, as we climbed through the town.

French Holiday-33

French Holiday-34

Window shopping along the way.

French Holiday-35

French Holiday-36

French Holiday-37

French Holiday-38

French Holiday-39

French Holiday-40

Off the shoulder dress

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French Holiday-41

French Holiday-42

French Holiday-43

French Holiday-44

French Holiday-45

French Holiday-46

French Holiday-47

We ducked into the little clifftop church to avoid another dusting of rain.

French Holiday-48

And found the perfect place to reflect.

French Holiday-49

French Holiday-50

French Holiday-51

French Holiday-52

French Holiday-53

French Holiday-54

French Holiday-55

We explored every nook and cranny, staying as dry as we could.

French Holiday-56

And walked down into the valley below.

French Holiday-57

French Holiday-58

By the time we reached the bottom, we were soaked to the bone!

So thought we may as well do it properly.

French Holiday-59

French Holiday-60

French Holiday-61

My chap finally put down the camera, and jumped in with us.

A day spent with the people I love most in the world (minus my big brothers and sisters, sadly) making memories I can only hope I’ll never forget.

Swimming in the rain with the man I love? The gilded cherry on top.

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