Fish Fry, Saint Lucia

Having had a taste of what the local food scene had to offer with our roadside chicken rotis, we were keen for more!

Luckily for us, every Friday in Saint Lucia is “Fish Fry”-day.

A night where locals and travellers come together for a street party and fry up, in the streets.

There are a few different options, but Anse La Raye hosts the most chilled out of them.

So we made our way down the hill, through the banana plantations and into the town.

saint lucia fish friday-1

Despite the sunshine, the rain continued to pour.

Bathing the little coastal town the most incredible, shimmering, golden light.

saint lucia fish friday-2

saint lucia fish friday-3

We arrived early, just before sunset, so we could watch the shindig getting set up.

saint lucia fish friday-4

The black beaches are littered with wooden fishing boats, tangled nets and discarded fishscales, making it shimmer and glitter in the evening light.

saint lucia fish friday-5

saint lucia fish friday-6

saint lucia fish friday-7

saint lucia fish friday-8

Little makeshift bars line the street, their hosts tempting you in as you pass.

saint lucia fish friday-9

It’s not too easy to resist smiles like these…


So we caved and got stuck into the rum punch.

saint lucia fish friday-12

All along the alleyway fires blaze, bbqs fizzle and the smell of grilled seafood wafts along the breeze.

Cast your net and you can pull in all manner of specialities!

saint lucia fish friday-13

saint lucia fish friday-14

All served up with sides of rice ‘n’ peas, and mamma’s mac ‘n’ cheese, of course.

saint lucia fish friday-15

We felt at home very quickly in the little rainbow town.

saint lucia fish friday-16

saint lucia fish friday-17

saint lucia fish friday-18

White dress

Yellow bag // Golden sandals

saint lucia fish friday-19

Having chowed down on buttery lobster and a bowl of macaroni, we met Maria.

Spooning a spicy fragrant broth over freshly caught snapper, and steaming them over coals.

saint lucia fish friday-20

It was love at first sight, and we put our name down for two.

saint lucia fish friday-21

I left Milly chatting to Maria, and become utterly entranced by a nearby game of dominos.

Which is not only furious, but incredibly serious business.

saint lucia fish friday-22

After being given the once over, I was allowed to take photos.

I couldn’t resist snapping away at those expressions.

saint lucia fish friday-23

saint lucia fish friday-24

saint lucia fish friday-25

While the kids carried on with their own games.

saint lucia fish friday-26

The sun finally dipped below the horizon.

saint lucia fish friday-27

saint lucia fish friday-28

The music started up, and the party really got started.

saint lucia fish friday-29

Young DJs pumped out reggae, hip hop and local classics from huge, festival sized speakers.

The street thumped with the beat and we got into the party spirit(s).

saint lucia fish friday-30

saint lucia fish friday-31

saint lucia fish friday-34

saint lucia fish friday-33

We ate our fish supper, at Maria’s table, and mopped up the incredible sauce with flatbreads.

saint lucia fish friday-32


We shared the table with all sorts of people, eating all sorts of sea creatures.

saint lucia fish friday-36

Made a few more local buddies.

saint lucia fish friday-37

And generally misbehaved together!

saint lucia fish friday-38

saint lucia fish friday-39

saint lucia fish friday-40

Late into the night, we couldn’t resist another couple rounds of snapper.

saint lucia fish friday-41

saint lucia fish friday-42

Followed by a little more dancing.

saint lucia fish friday-43

saint lucia fish friday-44

I’m afraid the rest is all a bit of a rum infused blur.

But what I can tell you, is that at some point in your life, you need to experience a Saint Lucian Fish Fry.

And in some point in mine, I need another!

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