If you’ve been to my house this summer, you’ve already had this cocktail.

I seem to make it almost daily at this point!

Sun’s out? Peaches out!

It’s the freshest, simplest, lightest, and most unbelievably moreish of summer drinks.

white peach sangria-1

The inspiration came from obsessing over Da Aldolfo in Positano, where they serve local wine in jugs with sliced, cold peaches.

However, if I drank a few jugs of wine in the afternoon, I’d never get anything done!

This is a lighter version, and I promise you’ll become just as obsessed as I am.

white peach sangria-2

The recipe only has 4 ingredients:

White wine (nothing fancy, just a screw top from the local shop will do)

Lemonade, diet lemonade or fizzy water, depending on your sweet-tooth

A couple of peaches

A few handfuls of ice

white peach sangria-3

I always try to make the most of peach season when it swings around, so this is the perfect excuse!

white peach sangria-4

Add your ice to a jug, top with sliced peaches.

white peach sangria-5

white peach sangria-6

Pour equal amounts of fizz and wine over the top.

white peach sangria-7

white peach sangria-8

Serve in your favourite patch of sunshine.

white peach sangria-9

It slips down beautifully, and only gets better with the time it takes you to drink it.

The peachy flavours get deeper with every sip.

white peach sangria-10

white peach sangria-11

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white peach sangria-12

Truly the ultimate summer drink.

I’m whipping up a few jugs for some friends this afternoon as it happens.

You know what they say; practice what you peach!

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