The Coronation Cup

On Saturday Emma (Harry’s girlfriend, which sort of makes her my Outlaw-Sister) and I escaped London.

While everyone else slept soundly, we slipped into a car and out towards Windsor.

All the way to The Guard’s Polo Club for The Royal Salute Coronation Cup.

There’s just nothing like that first glimpse of countryside after a little while in the city…

Guards Polo Club-1

We had expected to go right to the stands to watch the match, so were mildly alarmed when we were abandoned in a field flanked by riderless ponies.

It soon became clear that we were not here to spectate, we were here to play!

But if you think The Guards let Londoners loose on ponies, while swinging large sticks, you must be crazy!

First, you start on a practice horse.

Guards Polo Club-2

I named mine Blue Beauty, and he was a real goer.

Guards Polo Club-3

The boys gave us pointers and off we went.

Guards Polo Club-4

Swinging away!

Guards Polo Club-6

Essentially playing fetch, with the rather fetching instructors.

Guards Polo Club-7

Finally, everyone who had received the “you’re having a polo lesson so dress accordingly” memo were invited to jump into a saddle.

Emma and I were told to sit out and watch.

There was no way that was going to happen.

Before anyone could stop us, we hopped on up and were raring to go!

Guards Polo Club-8

Guards Polo Club-9

I’ll leave you to decide what he was telling me here ^.

Guards Polo Club-10

Instructions were bellowed and off we raced!

Guards Polo Club-11

At, admittedly, quite a leisurely pace.

Guards Polo Club-12

Guards Polo Club-13

We headed off on our own tangent, with a ball and a stick each.

Guards Polo Club-14

The sensation of chasing a ball and controlling a pony is much like patting your head and rubbing your tummy, while jogging.

Guards Polo Club-15

Though significantly more satisfying, and a little addictive.

Guards Polo Club-16

Guards Polo Club-17

We only got up to a gentle trot, can you imagine playing at full speed while other players ride into you?

It’s safe to say we climbed down with a whole new appreciation for the game!

We waddled back over the wildflower meadow.

Guards Polo Club-18

Attempted to tame our hair, slipped our heels back on, patted down our dresses and poured ourselves into our new rides.

Guards Polo Club-19

Guards Polo Club-20

Guards Polo Club-22

Rolling to the game in old school luxury.

Guards Polo Club-23

Guards Polo Club-24

Guards Polo Club-25

Finally arriving at the polo match, just in time for the sunshine!

Guards Polo Club-27

Blue checked dress (I know, it’s a bargain and I knew you’d be pleased!)

It has petticoats sewn in to give the wonderful Betty Draper shape, and a bow at the back which you can tie as tight or as loose as you please.

I’ve popped a couple of their other vintage styles below.

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Red shoes // Straw boater // Blue tote

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Guards Polo Club-28

Guards Polo Club-29

We made our way through the little woodland, and into the Royal Salute Secret Garden.

Guards Polo Club-30

Followed by our instructors…

Guards Polo Club-31

Guards Polo Club-32

Here we found deck chairs, cashmere blankets, and hampers with our names written on their luggage tags.

Guards Polo Club-33

Guards Polo Club-34

We all oooh’d ahh’d clapped and made ourselves very much at home!

Guards Polo Club-35

Guards Polo Club-36

Guards Polo Club-37

Guards Polo Club-38

Guards Polo Club-39

Guards Polo Club-40

Before finding our picnic baskets and getting stuck into some hard earned lunch!

Guards Polo Club-41

Guards Polo Club-43

Guards Polo Club-45

Guards Polo Club-46

Guards Polo Club-47

Guards Polo Club-48

Guards Polo Club-49


Guards Polo Club-51

Guards Polo Club-52

Guards Polo Club-53

Guards Polo Club-54

The guests mixed and chatted, and we all turned to watch the brass band march by.

Guards Polo Club-55

Guards Polo Club-56

Guards Polo Club-57

Before getting back to our mingling.

Guards Polo Club-58

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Guards Polo Club-59

The horns sounded, Prince Charles took his seat, the national anthem was belted out by all, and it was time for the games to begin!

Guards Polo Club-60

The best of England vs The best of South America.

Guards Polo Club-61

With a new, and rather fresh, understanding of the game, the skills and the rules, Emma and I watched with baited breath.

Guards Polo Club-62

Gasping and grabbing onto each other as players raced by, trying to kill each other, in the most gentlemanly way possible of course.

Guards Polo Club-63

After one hell of a match, England were victorious.

We could recover from sitting on the very edge of our seats, and go back to The Garden for some R’n’R.

Guards Polo Club-64

Guards Polo Club-65

And just a little bit of a snooze.

Guards Polo Club-66

It does take it out of you all this horsing around!

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