Riding The Waves

With last week’s heat wave in full swing, the girls and I escaped to the sea.

Pulled on our stripes and fled to Brighton.

Commandeered a sailboat and floated away on the breeze.

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sailing blog-2

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sailing blog-5

Gliding out past England’s glorious white cliffs.

sailing blog-6

Free from the stifling heat of the breezless city.

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sailing blog-8

sailing blog-9

Soaking up the sunshine with our feet dipping in and out of the rolling waves.

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sailing blog-16

Despite the soaring temperatures back on dry land, the sea can get quite chilly.

sailing blog-17

We wrapped up in Barbour’s nautical jackets.

sailing blog-18

A new realm for them and, naturally, a very exciting one for me!

Hello, sailor!

sailing blog-19

sailing blog-20

They commissioned a post to see how I would style the new Seafarer range.

The outcome?

Stripes on stripes, baby!

sailing blog-21

sailing blog-22

We spent the day alternating between playing, eating and napping.

Riding the waves and laughing until it hurt.

sailing blog-23

sailing blog-24

Nautical Barbour jacket – Country Attire (on sale!)

Striped Barbour top – Country Attire (also on sale!)

The softest denim shorts – DSTLD

Black on black aviators – Ray Ban

Golden Honey Bee necklace – Silver May

sailing blog-25

sailing blog-26

sailing blog-27

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sailing blog-29

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sailing blog-42

sailing blog-43

sailing blog-44

Having slathered on one final layer of sunscreen, eaten the last of our picnic, given up dolphin spotting, and felt a group pang of ice-cream hunger, we sailed back to the shore.


sailing blog-45

One day I hope to live by the sea with my own little blue sailboat.

Until then, watch out Brighton… I’ll be back soon!

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