Picnic at Kenwood House

Another sunny day, another picnic!

This time in one of London’s hidden gems. A golden meadow, with a view over the city, huge oak trees and many a corner where you can feel totally secluded.

The grounds of Kenwood House.

kenwood house picnic-1

kenwood house picnic-2

Julia and I, together with our chaps, decided that a thoroughly British picnic was the perfect way to spend one of their afternoons in England (on a visit from San-Fran).

We did have a little trouble spreading out our camp, as someone kept trying to burrow beneath it!

kenwood house picnic-3

But we got there in the end!

kenwood house picnic-5

kenwood house picnic-6

kenwood house picnic-4

kenwood house picnic-7

Keen to show our American guests just what a British picnic looks like, I ordered a hamper from Fortnums.

They packed everything we could possibly desire into a wicker basket and sent us on our merry way.

kenwood house picnic-8

kenwood house picnic-9

(Chin chin!)

kenwood house picnic-10

Someone (might have been me) forget to check if cutlery, crockery and glasses were included… and they were not.

Way past the point of no return, we muddled through as best we could!

kenwood house picnic-11

kenwood house picnic-12

kenwood house picnic-13

kenwood house picnic-14

kenwood house picnic-15

kenwood house picnic-16

kenwood house picnic-17

Custard doing his party trick of “speaking” on demand!

kenwood house picnic-18

Which earned him a cuddle and a bit of pork pie.

kenwood house picnic-19

kenwood house picnic-20

kenwood house picnic-21

kenwood house picnic-22

Of course after Custard’s party trick, Julia was keen to share hers…

kenwood house picnic-23

kenwood house picnic-24

kenwood house picnic-25

kenwood house picnic-26

The pudding, which we had dutifully kept hidden at the bottom of the hamper until pudding time, was pretty special.

kenwood house picnic-27

Chocolate tart with chantilly cream, for dunking.

kenwood house picnic-28

Rich, chocolaty filling with a crumbly base and cold, vanilla flecked cream.

Way, way too good to share!

kenwood house picnic-29

kenwood house picnic-30

With our shoes, bags and phones abandoned (no mean feat for two internet addicts – check out J’s blog), we strolled the gardens and lay about in the long grass.

kenwood house picnic-31

Custard following close behind, and disappearing now and then to snuffle through the undergrowth.

kenwood house picnic-32

kenwood house picnic-33

kenwood house picnic-34

kenwood house picnic-35

kenwood house picnic-1

kenwood house picnic-37

Having whiled away much of the day, lounging in the sunshine, we set off in search of tea.

kenwood house picnic-38

kenwood house picnic-39

kenwood house picnic-40

kenwood house picnic-41

kenwood house picnic-42

Stopping for a quick breather, now and then.

kenwood house picnic-43

And a picture to send home to our mums.

Well, my Mum and Julia’s Mom.

kenwood house picnic-44

kenwood house picnic-45

You know when you spend a lot of time with a friend, and you start to finish each other’s sentences & share mannerisms?

No, me neither.


kenwood house picnic-50

kenwood house picnic-51


We walked on through the woods, and emerged at the house itself.

kenwood house picnic-53

kenwood house picnic-54

If you recognise the spot, it’s where they filmed the scene in Notting Hill, where J Robert’s stars in a Henry James film.

All we were missing was co-star commenting on bottoms.

kenwood house picnic-55

Julia’s Hat // Pink striped top

Cotton Skirt

Shoes // Bag // Sunglasses

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kenwood house picnic-56

My white cotton dress

Red handbag // Red loafers


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kenwood house picnic-57

We popped into the cafe for tea.

kenwood house picnic-58

kenwood house picnic-59

And enjoyed it on a bench surrounded by the blossoming gardens.

kenwood house picnic-60

kenwood house picnic-61

Eventually saying goodbye to the house and making our way back to the city below.

kenwood house picnic-62

I’m not sure if I’ve passed this quote on, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently.

“Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realise that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art.” – Maya Angelou

If you can escape just for an afternoon, to a borrowed garden for your own adventure… you should.

I didn’t check my phone once, and left feeling truly grounded, happy (and really rather full!)

I think that counts as a successful picnic!

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