I found myself with an unexpected free afternoon.

And really those are the best kind of free afternoons.

Like finding forgotten money in an old pair of jeans.

Seeing as I was nearby, I took a stroll over to Regent Street.

With its wide, open pavements, glorious old buildings, fluttering flags and every shop from H&M to Burberry, it’s a shopper’s paradise on a sunny day.

regent street london-1

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This weekend sees the start of London’s “Summer Streets” and “The Mile of Style”.

Every Sunday this month, Regent Street will be traffic free and throw a party with a different theme. 

Sunday 5th – A sustainable Bee and Butterfly bonanza at the garden party hosted by florist Moyses Stevens. (An Instagrammer’s dream come true!) 

Sunday 12th – Cheer on runners as The British 10k passes through Regent Street. The Harlequins Ruby and England Hockey teams will be running coaching sessions throughout the day. And you can pop into Café Royal’s Akasha Spa for a free treatment if you need to recover from all that activity!

Sunday 19th – A huge catwalk will takeover the street for a fashion show.

Sunday 26th– Some of London’s leading artists will be creating live installations on the street and you can view fashion and artwork collections from the University of Westminster’s graduate shows.

So that should take care of any unexpectedly free Sunday afternoons!

Deets on the website and the app.

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regent street london-7

We popped into Burberry’s new café.

Hidden away inside their mansion of a store, it’s attracting rather a lot of excitement.

Possibly something to do with the combination of fashion and food that makes hearts flutter.

regent street london-8

And it has the greatest name!

regent street london-9

(Thomas is my surname.)

regent street london-10

Inside there’s a whole new gifting and homewares section.

regent street london-11

As a full blown stationary addict, this is my heaven.

regent street london-12

The design is all white marble and dark woods.

Very Burberry.

regent street london-13

regent street london-14

regent street london-15

We may have slightly over-ordered.

Keen to try everything, and seriously peckish… we went for the afternoon tea and all of the puddings.

regent street london-16

regent street london-17

Beautiful, delicate little sweets.

regent street london-18

And perfectly uniform, traditional British sandwiches.

regent street london-19

regent street london-20

One of the best custard tarts I’ve ever tasted.

My favourite part of the spread and something you must order if you go!

regent street london-21

Strawberries and clotted cream.

regent street london-22

Bakewell tart… not very good, sadly. It would seem you have to go oop’north for a good Bakewell.

(Failing that, my mum will whip you up the best in the south.)

regent street london-23

Toasted tea cakes and hot tea.

regent street london-24

regent street london-25

regent street london-26

regent street london-27

Hot scones, ready for jam and cream.

regent street london-28

Hot buttered crumpets.

regent street london-29

regent street london-30

regent street london-31

The most decadent of afternoon treats.

A great option for a post-shopping pick-me-up.

Find Thomas’s at Burberry, 121 Regent Street.

regent street london-32

Making the most of the weather, we climbed to the rooftop haven…

regent street london-33

…of Aqua.

regent street london-34

A terrace surrounded by fragrant lavender, in the centre of London where you can feel miles away from anywhere.

The bees quite like it too!

regent street london-35

regent street london-36

regent street london-37

There’s always a breeze up there, so when it all gets a little too much down below, just jump into that lift!

regent street london-38

Blue and white dress // Leather tote

Sandals (similar)

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regent street london-39

You can watch all the action unfold on Regent Street from above.

regent street london-40

And peer into offices, if you’re as nosy as I am.

regent street london-41

The drinks don’t hurt either.

regent street london-42

regent street london-43

regent street london-44

regent street london-45

regent street london-46

regent street london-47

regent street london-48

^ You know what that is?

A heat wave.

Couldn’t resist!

If the humidity all gets a little too much and you end up looking like Monica, I’ve got just the place.

regent street london-49

Two of the loveliest sisters I know just opened “DryBy“.

Pop in, choose your style from a lookbook and take a seat at their marble blow bar.

regent street london-50

regent street london-51

regent street london-52

Relax, listen to some music, do your emails, the girls will take care of the rest.

regent street london-53

regent street london-54

You can even have your nails done at the same time.

regent street london-55

regent street london-56

regent street london-57

I went for “The Rio” and felt a million times better than when I’d walked in!

Curl by curl they unwrapped my new mane…

regent street london-58

I held my head back for a little serum smoothing.

regent street london-59

regent street london-60

And I was all done.

regent street london-61

Ready to head off into the evening.



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