When you invite friends over for the evening, having to cook for a group can feel a bit overwhelming.

You’re busy enough as it is, everyone has different likes, dislikes, allergies and preferences.

Couple that with a group of friends who, lovely as they are, couldn’t organise their way out of a wet paper bag, never mind turn up on time… and you have something of a dilemma.

A sit down meal is too much, a bowl of crisps won’t quite cut it. What do you feed them?

Well, how about a build your own supper?

boursin bruschetta bar-1

Last night I put on a late night nibble spread.

On the roof.

Under the moon.

boursin bruschetta bar-2

Complete with iced rosé.

boursin bruschetta bar-3

This post is a collaboration with Boursin (the French soft cheese company I’m always waffling on about).

They knew I already adored their garlic & herb cheese, but wanted to know what I thought of the Black Pepper variety and if I’d do a post on how best to serve it.

Well, I’d never tried any! I always went for the green packet.

So, I raced out to the shops to get some, and brought it home for some serious experimenting (honestly, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it).

I came up against a serious issue.

There was no way I could post about just one way to serve the Boursin! It was too versatile.

I was going to have to put on a serious spread*.

*Pun most definitely intended.

boursin bruschetta bar-4

A veritable feast of Boursin’s best buddies.

boursin bruschetta bar-5

boursin bruschetta bar-6

boursin bruschetta bar-7

boursin bruschetta bar-8

Crunchy fresh bread.

boursin bruschetta bar-9


boursin bruschetta bar-10

Smoked salmon with a little dill & chopped lemon.

boursin bruschetta bar-11

Sliced up baby toms.

boursin bruschetta bar-12

Ripe avocado, doused in lemon juice and sprinkled with rock salt.

boursin bruschetta bar-13

Berries, honey & chopped nuts.

boursin bruschetta bar-14

And of course, the main event.

boursin bruschetta bar-15

Is there anything more beautiful than a table heaving with food, flowers and candles?

boursin bruschetta bar-16

Probably, but it’s certainly one of my favourite sights.

boursin bruschetta bar-17

Everyone got stuck in to the treats on offer.

boursin bruschetta bar-18

boursin bruschetta bar-19

boursin bruschetta bar-20

boursin bruschetta bar-21

boursin bruschetta bar-22

boursin bruschetta bar-23

boursin bruschetta bar-24

boursin bruschetta bar-25

Avocado, fresh pesto and tomatoes was a particularly well loved combo!

Even putting the flavour combo aside, it’s bursting with nutrients to make your skin, hair & nails spectacular.

boursin bruschetta bar-26

I built an all-meat and a little extra pepper combo for my chap, who wolfed it down happily!

boursin bruschetta bar-27

boursin bruschetta bar-28

But the real gem of the night was pudding.

Go with me on this. It may sound unusual, but it’ll knock your socks off!

boursin bruschetta bar-29

A good dollop of Boursin, topped with berries, drizzled in honey and sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts.

boursin bruschetta bar-30

boursin bruschetta bar-31

The creamy cheese makes it feel utterly indulgent, the berries and honey add light summer sweetness, the nuts give a gentle crunch and the pepper doesn’t come through until the very end. Leaving you with the most amazing after-taste and a longing for more.

boursin bruschetta bar-32

Any meal where you don’t even have to leave the table to serve dessert is ok by me!

boursin bruschetta bar-33

We grazed long into the night.

Chatting, chewing and cheersing to anything we could think of!

boursin bruschetta bar-34

boursin bruschetta bar-35

boursin bruschetta bar-36

boursin bruschetta bar-37

You could come up with endless combinations and toppings for your own Boursin Bruschetta Bar.

Give it a go and let me know which one ends up being your favourite!

Oh, and if you fancy a proper French supper for two, enter their Le Gavroche competition sharpish.

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