Starlight, Australia

When travelling I like to keep things as casual as humanly possible.

Bare feet, wild beach hair, no makeup, and as few clothes as company will allow. Thankfully the chap feels the same way. Together we make the perfect pair of beach bums.

But One&Only planned a rather special supper for us, so we made an exception.

beach dinner australia-1

And I have to say it felt pretty lovely to get all spruced up… and seeing as we were in paradise? I got to keep my feet bare, and wriggling in the sand.

beach dinner australia-2

Wearing a new dress from an Aussie designer.

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beach dinner australia-4

The star scattered print makes you feel as though you’re enrobed in the galaxies themselves.

It seemed only fitting to pair it with a Constellation Necklace.

beach dinner australia-5

An embroidered clutch, and Trinity Bangles.

beach dinner australia-3

For the first part of our starlit evening, we boarded a boat and headed out to a tiny, deserted island to watch the sun set.

beach dinner australia-6

The most spectacular spot, to watch the best sunset of our trip.

beach dinner australia-7

beach dinner australia-8

^ Take my strong hand!

beach dinner australia-9

We paddled in the cool, indigo sea, danced on the shore and bathed in the dwindling golden light.

beach dinner australia-10

beach dinner australia-11

Of course, you know me.

I would never be marooned without provisions!

beach dinner australia-12

beach dinner australia-13

beach dinner australia-14

beach dinner australia-15

beach dinner australia-16

beach dinner australia-17

beach dinner australia-18

beach dinner australia-19

beach dinner australia-20

beach dinner australia-21

beach dinner australia-22

We watched as the sky changed into every shade imaginable.

And imagined the sun making the hisss of a hot pan as it dunked into the sea.

beach dinner australia-23

beach dinner australia-24

beach dinner australia-25

beach dinner australia-26

beach dinner australia-27

We floated back across the velvet sea.

Marvelling at the view as we went.

beach dinner australia-28

beach dinner australia-29

beach dinner australia-30

The stars came out with the bats, which swooped overhead as we came into shore.

beach dinner australia-31

We were guided down to our own private cove, with a table set for two.

beach dinner australia-32

beach dinner australia-33

We dined beneath the light of the full moon, and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt quite so swept off my feet!

beach dinner australia-34

beach dinner australia-35

beach dinner australia-36

beach dinner australia-37

beach dinner australia-38

When we got back to the room, the bathroom had been turned into a little love nest.

beach dinner australia-39

Candles everywhere, a bath swimming with scented oils, salts and orchids.

beach dinner australia-40

The most magical evening I can remember. And I still can’t help but think of The Owl & The Pussycat!

“And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon,
The moon,
The moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.”


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