Queensland Roadtrip {Part One}

We flew from The Barossa valley up to Queensland at the crack of dawn.

Through the pink clouds of sunrise and over the rolling hills below.

(Or so I hear. At that point I was fast asleep, head lolling to one side, possibly (probably) dribbling. I am not a morning person.)

We landed, made our way into Cairns, picked up our camper and set off to start our road trip.

By this time I’d bucked up a bit, and was pretty much bouncing with excitement! We turned the tunes (Fleetwood Mac) up, rolled the windows down and wound our way along the coast.

Queensland Roadtrip-1

Pulling into Palm Cove for a spot of lunch.

It’s pretty aptly named.

Queensland Roadtrip-2

Queensland Roadtrip-3

The streets (all three of them) are lined with bars, ice-cream shops, and pastel coloured “official” buildings.

Anywhere with a pink post office is ok by me!

Queensland Roadtrip-4

For lunch we took up a spot on Nu Nu‘s terrace, beneath the palms.

We’d heard good things, but the food surpassed all expectations.

Queensland Roadtrip-5

We had a smörgåsbord of goodies. Indulging in everything from fresh ceviches, to deep fried ribs, fish curry, local oysters, sliders… the works!

Queensland Roadtrip-6

Queensland Roadtrip-7

Queensland Roadtrip-8

Queensland Roadtrip-9

Later we strolled along the beach, and wriggled our toes into the sand.

Queensland Roadtrip-10

Thrilled to be out and about in the warm breeze.


Queensland Roadtrip-11

Palm print dress

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Queensland Roadtrip-12

Queensland Roadtrip-13

Queensland Roadtrip-14

Just as I was all set to tear off my dress and run into the ocean for a dip… we spotted a small, casual sign, that somewhat put us off.

Queensland Roadtrip-15

This particular Londoner had no idea that sea crocodiles were even a thing!

We asked a local how serious it was, and he cemented it by saying “Oh, if you sit here long enough you’ll probably see one attack something.”

I picked my jaw up from the floor, and settled for a stroll along the sand.

Queensland Roadtrip-16

Don’t worry mum, we made it snappy!

As the shadows grew longer, clouds began to roll in.

So we headed to our next stop. Marvelling at the view along the way.


Queensland Roadtrip-17

Queensland Roadtrip-18

We pulled over at Rex Lookout, for a bit of a… lookout.

Queensland Roadtrip-19

Queensland Roadtrip-20

Queensland Roadtrip-21

Queensland Roadtrip-22

Queensland Roadtrip-23

We drove further and further north, until we found our camping spot for the night.

Right on Wonga Beach.

We pulled up and settled in.

Queensland Roadtrip-24

Our “camper” was a 4×4 with a tent on the roof.

We lay under canvas listening to the wind in the trees, the pitter patter of rain and the waves crashing outside.

I have never had a better night’s sleep!

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