Cocktails that are good for you?!

Whatever next?

A while ago I went to Cafe Gitane in New Yoak Citay and sipped on the most delightful of beverages. An emerald green cucumber juice. Clean, light, refreshing and very, very moreish.

Well, these are the grown up versions.

Cool cucumber, a sweet elderflower kiss and generous splash of a gin to give it a boot up the backside.

green goddess cocktails-1

They’ve fast become the tipple of choice in my household, and I think they might just become a firm favourite in yours.

green goddess cocktails-2

For a pitcher of the good stuff, you’ll need:

2 Cucumbers

Couple handfuls of mint

Juice of 1 lemon

Elderflower cordial

Gin (or vodka if you like)


green goddess cocktails-3

Blend together your cucumber, mint, lemon juice and a cup of water. (Keep a little cucumber back for garnish.)

Don’t worry about skinning them, you’ll keep more of the goodness that way.

green goddess cocktails-4

Sieve your smoothie into a bowl.

green goddess cocktails-5

Until you’re left with Kermit juice.

green goddess cocktails-6

Ready your glasses!

green goddess cocktails-7

Add a strip of cucumber to each, a sprig of mint and a few ice cubes.

green goddess cocktails-8

Pour a generous slug of gin into each.

green goddess cocktails-9

Add a splash of elderflower cordial.

And top with your green juice.

green goddess cocktails-10

green goddess cocktails-11

green goddess cocktails-12

green goddess cocktails-13

Pop the rest into a jug with some cordial, gin and ice.

And take the whole lot outside for some sunshine.

green goddess cocktails-14

green goddess cocktails-16

Add a little music, slurp, chatter, lounge and relax.

Don’t let the name put you off chaps, you’re just as welcome to sip on these. I’m yet to meet a man who doesn’t love a good Goddess!

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