Dutch Blues

Next on my list, after acres of tulips, was Delft.

The home of blue & white, the home of Vermeer, stuffed with streets and streets of beautiful old buildings, winding canals and white railed bridges.

Delft Holland-1

Delft Holland-2

The Mr and I strolled, hand in hand through the cobbled streets.

Delft Holland-3

Delft Holland-4

Delft Holland-5

Delft Holland-6

Delft Holland-7

Delft Holland-8

As ever, we gravitated towards food!

And stumbled into a wheely good looking shop…

Delft Holland-9

Delft Holland-10

Delft Holland-11

Tasted everything on offer.


Delft Holland-12

The truffle one was exceptional… if only it came in this size!

Delft Holland-13

Delft Holland-14

Delft became famous in the seventeenth century when its glazed blue & white china was shipped around the world, largely thanks to the Dutch East India Company.

Huge worldwide demand meant the pretty pottery spread like wildfire.

Closer to home they lined the walls of Dutch houses to protect from flooding. And now? Well they’re collected, highly prized and protected in situ.

Oh, and they’re deeply loved by yours truly!

Delft Holland-15

Delft Holland-17

Delft Holland-18

Delft Holland-19

Delft Holland-20

The Town Hall is a work of art in itself!

Delft Holland-21

Delft Holland-22

Delft Holland-23

Delft Holland-24

There are two churches, and they’re as beautiful as each other.

Delft Holland-25

Delft Holland-26

Delft Holland-28

Delft Holland-29

Delft Holland-30

Delft Holland-31

Delft Holland-32

^ Even the churches have blue & white going on!

Delft Holland-33

Delft Holland-34

Delft Holland-35

Delft Holland-36

Delft Holland-37

Delft Holland-38

Naturally, we feasted on Kip Satay for lunch!

Before gorging ourselves on more of Delft’s blues.

Delft Holland-39

Delft Holland-40

Delft Holland-41

Delft Holland-42

Delft Holland-43


Blush Coat (sold out) // Cornflower Dress

Camomile Bag // Cotton Candy Pumps

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After a day of exploring, we nestled down in a coffee shop to rest our feet.

Delft Holland-45

The Mr took a few more of his favourite window snaps, while I slurped away!

Delft Holland-46

Delft Holland-47

It was pretty wonderful to explore one of the smaller, but so historically significant towns.

I suppose we could have just gone over to Amsterdam, but I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing more of The Netherlands!

What really blew me away was how utterly delightful the people were. I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere (with the exception of Bali) where everyone is so welcoming, friendly and ready with a smile.

If you’re planning a trip, I thoroughly recommend straying from Amsterdam and seeing what the rest of the country has to offer.

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