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Picnicking may just be the best part of spring, summer and early autumn put together.

Stretching out on a blanket with the sun beaming down on you, cold drink in hand, belly full of sandwiches, sausages and wotnot… there’s just nothing like it.

Luckily for me, the rest of the clan agree.

So we spent a gloriously sunny afternoon walking the dogs down to our favourite picnic hollow.

Somerset Blog-1

Somerset Blog-2

Somerset Blog-3

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All coordinating rather spectacularly (and unintentionally) in summer linens.

You’ll never guess where from.

Go on have a guess.

Now take a look.*

Amazing, right?! We were all equally excited about this news! (Clearly.)

*If you guessed correctly you get 100 House Points and a hat tip from me. 

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Somerset Blog-6

Somerset Blog-7

Somerset Blog-8

Somerset Blog-9

Linen jacket // Linen shirt // Jeans // Deck shoes

Somerset Blog-10

^ Favourite photo of all time!

Somerset Blog-11

Linen shirt // Jeans // Boots

Somerset Blog-12

Blue linen dress // Yellow knit // Boots

Somerset Blog-13

White trousers // Striped top // Bangles

Somerset Blog-14

Somerset Blog-15

We found our spot just as the sun was setting in the hollow.

Somerset Blog-16

The golden light with the Midas touch.

We played a family variation of Cricket, using the dogs as fielders. (Hector always wins.)

Somerset Blog-17

Somerset Blog-18

Somerset Blog-19

Before settling down for a lazy afternoon in the lush grass, basking in the afternoon glow.

Somerset Blog-20

Somerset Blog-21

Uniqlo know I’ve been a fan of theirs for many years, which is why they sent over the new collection for us to put through it’s paces.

Harry was particularly excited by his shirts and jacket, as it’ll be much more comfortable on the tube all summer.

(If you’ve never ridden The Underground during rush hour in sunny London, count yourself lucky! One day we’ll get air-con like NYC, but until then, light-weight linens and cotton all round.)

Somerset Blog-22

Or we can all just move to the country.

Which is an idea I just can’t stop thinking about, in my old age!

I’m over drinking champagne in nightclubs, I’d rather drink it in a field, surrounded by dogs any day.

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Somerset Blog-24

Somerset Blog-25

Somerset Blog-26

Somerset Blog-27

Somerset Blog-28

Somerset Blog-29

Somerset Blog-30

Somerset Blog-31

Somerset Blog-32

Somerset Blog-33

Somerset Blog-34

Don’t tell the others, but Hector is secretly my favourite.

Somerset Blog-35

Although Pushinka is growing fast! She’s a bit of a corker too.


Somerset Blog-36

And this guy really doesn’t need any introduction!

Somerset Blog-37

Somerset Blog-38

Somerset Blog-39

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you get a drop of sunshine, a glass of bubbles and a belly load of laughs with people you love.

There’s no better medicine for the soul.

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